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Students need tools to build skills.

Videos provide an introduction to two analytical tools:

Four Worlds (4W): Overview & Invitation — 5:04

The Equality Continuum: Analytical Tools for Critical Thinking — 3:11

This powerpoint provides an overview of CALIS analytical tools that frame ethical dilemmas, policy options, equality & identity, ideological perspectives, and more…

Analytical Toolbox

We learn more effectively with CONCEPTS in CONTEXT.

The database provides analytical tools that enable students to manage greater depth and scope of complex issues.

Each tool is a conceptual framework that shapes “the big picture” to effectively relate information and ideas.

The social sciences examine complex questions about the human condition. When we engage in decision-making and problem-solving about these questions, analytical tools provide structure for rigor and flexibility for divergent thinking.

IMPORTANT: This is a “working database” that supports outreach volunteers and teachers who collaborate with CALIS programs.  We are in the continuous process of weeding, upgrading, updating, and restructuring to better serve a wider audience.

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