Contact Information

1. Where is the USC Archaeology Research Center?

The USC Archaeology Research Center, ARC for short, is located on the University of Southern California University Park Campus in ACB 335, which is in the west tower of ACB. The building is located between the Ronald Tutor Campus Center and the Roski School of Fine Arts and looks like a concrete cheese grater. MAPS>

2. Who should I contact for more information about the research opportunities, the research lab, guest speakers, or archaeology classes?

For any questions please contact Prof. Lynn Swartz Dodd, the curator of ARC, at swartz@usc.edu.

3. Where can I find information about the Interdisciplinary Archaeology Major?

Please click here to visit the Archaeology Major/Minor website.

4. Can I graduate with a Minor in Interdisciplinary Archaeology?

Yes! We are proud to offer a fun and highly customizable archaeology minor. You can learn more here.

5. I'm interested in becoming involved in a summer excavation. Where can I go for more information?

For more information on summer excavation opportunities, please visit the "Field Research" page under Archaeology Projects.

6. Where can I go to make a donation to the study of Archaeology at USC?

You can either click the "Donate" button in the upper lefthand navigation bar or simply click here.

7. Where can I find information about funding opportunities for student research or archaeological excavations?

You can visit our funding page and learn about a few funding opportunities available to undergraduate students at USC here.