Come join our minor degree! Students gain a comprehensive introduction to the field, including archaeological theory, excavation techniques, and artifact analysis, as well as the cultural, social, and historical contexts of past civilizations. An Archaeology minor allows for a deeper understanding of the past and how it has shaped our world today, and can provide you with valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied to a wide range of careers.

The Archaeology Minor requires 5 course (20 units).

Lower-division requirements  — 4 units (1 course):  

1 — ANTH 202g Archaeology: Our Human Past

Upper-division requirements  — 16 units (4 courses):

2 — Select one course from the Theories and Methods list of the Archaeology Major (4 units).

3 — Additionally, select any one upper-division course from those listed under Archaeology Major (4 units)

4 — Take Ethics and Heritage course (4 units) from this list of available courses: REL 304 Ethics and Global Heritage

5 — Take Capstone Course (4 units): CLAS 465 Archaeology and Society (cross-listed as ANTH 465 or REL 465 or ARCG 465)


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Archaeology Program