Agilent Center of Excellence Policies

In addition to the general laboratory rules set by USC, all the users should consider the following policies before starting working in the facility:

Training & Access to Facility:

  • Users should have taken general lab safety training before start using any instrument in the facility.
  • All new users are required to contact facility manager to get preapproval and schedule training prior to using equipment. Users can only use the instrument independently when they have ability to run the instrument properly.
  • Any access to instruments should be preapproved by the facility manager.
  • Graduate students and Postdocs should provide the name and department of their principal investigator, who will be asked to approve their training and usage.

Scheduling & Charging:

  • All users should check the availability of instrument and reserve a time in advance before planning any experiment. Any changes and cancellation should be made at least 12 h before the reservation time; otherwise customers may be charged for whole reserved time.
  • Users will be charged for entire reserved time after arriving 15 min late; They will be required to schedule another time.
  • Instrument usage and all services provided by COE facility will be charged based on assigned rate.
  • Consumables are responsibility of customers; the facility will charge customers in case of providing requested consumables.

General rules:

  • Users are responsible for following the facility rules and directions. Any instrumental failure, loss of consumables or loss of data due to the user not following the directions properly is responsibility of user.
  • Safety rules should be considered strictly by users. Everything including instrument, labware and even lab benches should be cleaned after completion of your usage at scheduled time.

Using Instrument's Computer & Data Storage:

  • All users should make their own username and password for accessing the instrument.
  • Users are responsible for their files and data. All data should be just saved in users’ folder. Any data remains in the system more than 24 hour can be deleted without any further notice.
  • Download/upload of programs of files onto instruments computer are strictly prohibited.

Safety Rules for Users:

  • Users should wear lab coat, safety goggles, and appropriate gloves while working in the facility.
  • Users should have long pants and closed-toe shoes in the lab.
  • All chemicals should be handled properly and based on safety rules. Hazardous solvents should be used under the fume hood with no exception.

Note: The Agilent COE facility does not provide consumables including cuvettes, columns, plates, tips for Bravo robotic instruments and reagents. Discuss with Center of Excellence Director if you need advice on how to acquire needed items.