All new users should contact Agilent COE manager, Dr. Yasaman Dayani, to schedule a training or send their requests.

To reserve instruments in the facility, USC members need to make an account in the FBS system ( Principle investigators are responsible for providing valid account number to facility lab manager when requesting services. They should add researcher names from their group in the FBS system if they want their research group members have an access to the FBS system for instrument reservation. For more instruction, please refer to the Priority Software FBS website, particularly principal investigator section.

To reserve instruments, please click here or go to the Instruments page and click on the instrument name which directly connect you to the FBS scheduling page. You need to use your USC credential for accessing FBS website.

Non-USC customers need to contact the Agilent COE manager,, to schedule training, use instruments, register an account and get more information about billing and payment.

For further information regarding policies in the Agilent COE, please check policies section in our website.