Chong Wing Yung, Ph.D.

                                                           Agilent Research Program Manager                                                


Chong is currently the Associate Director of University Relations & External Research and a Master Scientist at Agilent Technologies.  Since joining Agilent in 2011, Chong has made broad scientific and business impact at Agilent through his contributions in developing commercialized analytical tools, as well as technical research program management and relationship building with leaders in academia, globally.  Starting in 2018, building on the rich multi-decade history of University Relations at Agilent/HP, Chong has added his distinctive leadership to invigorating the flagship UR programs, such as the Application and Core Technology – University Research (ACT-UR), Agilent Early Career Professor Award (AECPA), and Thought Leader Award (TL).  He has also spearheaded institute-specific partnerships like the Agilent Biodesign Program at Berkeley and Agilent Fellowship programs at Stanford and USC to advance innovations in science and technology, as well as education.  Chong was a CIMIT postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University and completed his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, and B.S. in Chemical Engineering at UCI.  He has been a member of the US Frontiers of Engineering – National Academy of Engineering since 2013.