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SIR's Professor Mary Sarotte with Dean Kay (Photo: Karen Tang)


Professor Sarotte gave a special lecture this March, “A Broken Promise? The 1990 Origins of NATO’s Post-Cold War Expansion,” in which she discussed the role of regular people in the end of the Cold War, and the important reverberations of history that continue to shape current events in eastern Europe.
Sarotte has recently written about the disagreements between Russia and the United States over NATO expansion, and how faulty assumptions about the causes of the fall of the Berlin Wall shape assumptions about U.S. intervention in current conflicts - such as Iraq. Her recent book, The Collapse, is an exploration of why the collapse ended up being peaceful, instead of violent.

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"FROZEN CONFLICTS" a Global Citizens Conference

Sponsored by:
Chapman University's Center for Global Education
Loyola Marymount University
USC Center for International Studies
USC School for International Relations
Los Angeles World Affairs Council
Atlantic Council

Thursday, April 16, 2015 at the Conrad N. Hilton Center for Business, Loyola Marymount University

In the world today, there are numerous simmering conflicts of neither overt hostilities nor resolution. This conference will examine several of these controversies that have been “frozen” in place. Despite attempts to bring closure to these armed standoffs—some attempts have gone on for decades—the sides remain eyeing each other warily. Clearly, something must change with the dispute resolution models that are being followed. At this conference, we hope to discover commonalities among the conflicts, and explore new ideas to resolve them.


SIR is part of the Dana and David Dornsife College of  Letters, Arts and Sciences. Once of the most popular majors in the College, we currently serve more than 800 undergraduate majors.SIR was founded as an offshoot of the 1922 Pan-American Conference on Education that brought together chancellors and university presidents from 22 countries to discuss the importance of education and to foster international understanding.

Professor Robert English is currently the Director of the School. 


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