Guillermo Rodriguez

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Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Guillermo published his first short story when he was twelve years old. He went on to pursue a degree in Comparative Literature from Princeton University and a master's degree in film production from the University of Southern California.

At USC, he received the Harold Lloyd Foundation Scholarship and won The Caucus Foundation Student Filmmaker Award for his 35mm thesis Playing. Upon graduation, Guillermo wrote, produced and directed an emotional thriller entitled The Shadows and produced and edited the feature film Sweet Thing, a coming-of-age fairy tale set in urban Seattle. During this time, Guillermo also honed his skills as an editor, working as a promo editor for DirecTV, NBC and CBS as well as editing numerous feature films, documentaries and TV series.

Now, after years of experience as a filmmaker and writer, Guillermo returns to USC to pursue a PhD in Comparative Media and Culture where his practical knowledge of the field and his passion for storytelling will serve as tools to dissect fiction both in written and visual form.


  • BA Princeton Univ, 06/1999
  • MFA USC, 05/2004

Employment History

  • Assistant Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Southern California, 2013 - Present


Research Keywords

  • Film Theory, Media Theory, Spanish Cinema, Metafiction and Metafilm, Post-Modernism, Post-Dictatorship, Horror Cinema, the Gothic, Latin American Literature & Film, Avant-Garde, Psychoanalysis and Film, Spectatorship, Polish Cinema

Conference Presentations

  • "The Possession of Carlotta’s Necklace Under Revolutionary Cuba: Re-Distribution of the Perceptible through Hitchcock’s Vertigo in Fernando Pérez’ Madrigal," Paper presented at American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting, New York, 3/2014
  • “Seams of Memory and Post-Dictatorship: The Excision of Guilt in Lucrecia Martel’s La mujer sin cabeza.” Paper presented at American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, 4/2013


  • Journal Article
    Rodriguez, G. R. "Y te sacarán los ojos: The Traumatized Spectator in Dictatorship and Post-Dictatorship Spanish Cinema".
    Rodriguez, G. R. "Hermetic Space as Abstraction of the Mechanisms of Censorship: Symptomatic ‘Archive Fever’ in Carlos Saura’s La madriguera".

Honors and Awards

  • Del Amo Foundation Research Award, 5/2014-8/2014  
  • USC CSLC Summer Award, 5/2014-8/2014  
  • Del Amo Foundation Endowed Fellowship, 2013-2014   
  • Frederick and Dorothy Quimby Memorial Fellowship, Fall 2012   

Service to the University

Media, Alumni, and Community Relations

  • Co-Founder, Film/Colloquium Series, University of Southern California , Spring 2014   

Service to the Profession

Professional Memberships

  • American Comparative Literature Association, 2013-