USC Dornsife offers an opportunity for students from across the campus to combine internship experience with classroom reflection.  Students find their own internship placements, often with the help of the USC Career Center, and sign up for a two-unit course, MDA 250, Internship for the Liberal Arts: Work and Career — Theory and Practice.  Over the summer, a one-unit version of this class is offered.


MDA 250 is a letter graded course and may not be taken for audit.  Students may elect to take the course on a pass/no grading scale as long as the student does not exceed 24 units of undergraduate coursework taken as P/NP (32 units for students who started at USC prior to Fall 2021), and the course is not used to fulfill a major or minor requirement.  Students should consult with their academic advisor prior to selecting a P/NP grade for this course.


Students enrolled in MDA 250 are expected to work a minimum of eight hours per week as an intern.  The course can be retaken in subsequent semesters or summer sessions for a maximum of four units.  Students who are required to complete MDA 250 for their major are required to have an internship related to the major.


Students who take the course as part of their Curricular Practical Training (CPT) requirement must earn a passing grade.  Failure to do so will make the student ineligible to obtain CPT in the future.


Information about summer tuition, including any fees associated with summer enrollment can be found in the Schedule of Classes.


The MDA 250 D-Clearance Request Form for Spring 2024 registration will be available in late October.  For more information, contact Maria Velasquez in the USC Dornsife Undergraduate Programs office at

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