Making the Right Decision

POIR’s academic advisors are available to assist students in choosing the best major and course of study. Beginning with Freshman Orientation in the summer, students meet each semester with an academic adviser and devise a plan of study for the next one to four years. Naturally, these plans may undergo revisions as interests develop and change.

POIR offers individual mentoring, guest lectures, group workshops and roundtables on internships and job-related topics. POIR also collaborates with student organizations to offer peer-to-peer mentoring and career development programs. POIR, the University Career Services Office, and Dornsife Career Pathways present many events from career fairs to career workshops (topics include resume writing, job search strategies, and interview preparation) to alumni panels where students interact with recent graduates and learn about the many sectors where alumni have found employment relating to their academic studies. Additional individualized career advising is available from social sciences advisors in Dornsife Career Pathways.

Our faculty members take a strong interest in following students’ progress and are available during office hours for questions relating directly to course work, or for informal conversation and mentoring. Additional support and mentoring are available from the faculty fellowship adviser.

In these ways we ensure that our students hear about research opportunities, meetings and conferences, internships, travel abroad opportunities, competitive scholarships and fellowships, and other activities that balance the academic rigor and provide practical applications relevant to their goals.