What is IR 391?

IR 391 is a 2 unit course that allows you to get course credit for an internship opportunity. It helps build a hands-on connection between your academic training and career possibilities in IR.

When does the class meet? 

The class doesn’t meet at any specific time because it assumes that you are using that time for your internship.

Does the course have a deliverable? 

Yes, it requires you to complete a small assignment that helps you integrate your internship work into your course work and vice versa. You can find more granular details in the attached course syllabus.

Where can I get general help to learn more about internships?

Contact Cynthia Koassan (kossan@usc.edu | 213.821.4728).  She is a Social Sciences Career Advisor in USC Dornsife Career Pathways Office.

This Career Center pager is an excellent place to start https://careers.usc.edu/students/find-a-job/learn-about-internships/

Watch the USC Career Center Workshop: Applying for an internship https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0QYBnxkL4g&list=PLKKq-PELJJD2VI2jG3V_G67aoAJsL1umH&index=2

What this USC Career Center Workshop: Securing an Internship https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEobPvyBoaQ&t=2570s

I already know what type of Internship I want, where should I look?

connectSC Internship/Job PostingsconnectSC is the go-to resource for USC students looking for jobs and internships. Please note that some of the Fall internship postings have application deadlines that are coming up soon. Be sure to review the internship description and deadline if you wish to apply. You can also go to the Resources section (on the left hand tab), and click on Online Resources & Handouts to access additional free job/internship databases. Click here to log in to connectSC.

Virtual Internships and Resources: learn more about virtual internships and resources on the USC Career Center’s website to get started with your internship search.

Career Pathways Internship Resources: to explore other internship resources here at USC, please visit the internships tab on the Dornsife Career Pathways website. This page compiles many USC internship resources and provides tips and guides.

the Trojan Network which is an online networking and mentoring platform to share career and industry information https://usc.peoplegrove.com/

some general sources are:







UCAN Internship Exchange


I have secured an internship, what do I do now?

Fill out a D-clearance Form to get enrollment access. 

I am having a hard time securing an internship and I need more help.  Where do I go?

please contact the faculty instructor Prof. Bozovic (bozovic [at] usc [dot] edu)