Program Overview

Majors in International Relations with an emphasis in Global Business will explore the analytical concepts of the relations between states and other international actors within the context of the global economy through a combination of IR courses and foreign language study. Students will choose one global business specialization from International Finance, Global Marketing and Global Management completing a specific sequence of courses in the Marshall School of Business. This is an ideal major for students interested in combining the breadth offered by international relations coursework and the skills acquired in business courses. Students successfully completing the program receive a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with an emphasis in Global Business. Please note that the diploma will read, BA in International Relations, and the emphasis will not appear on the diploma. Students will be prepared to enter the public or private sector or graduate programs in business, law, political economy, public policy, and international relations, among others.

  • Students interested in majoring in the Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (Global Business) need to complete the following prerequisites in order to be eligible for admission to the major:

    • ECON 203: Principles of Microeconomics -or- ECON 351x: Microeconomics for Business
    • ECON 205: Principles of Macroeconomics -or- ECON 352x: Macroeconomics for Business
    • MATH 118: Fundamental Principles of Calculus-or- MATH125g: Calculus I
    • IR 210: International Relations: Introductory Analysis
    • IR 300 or 400 level course (to be counted toward IR coursework)


    In order to be admitted to the major, students must earn a B average or better in IR 210 and an IR upper division course. Additionally, students must have a 3.0 overall GPA or higher. These requirements must be met by the end of the student’s junior year.

    Once a student has met the above prerequisites and requirements, the student will need to meet with their designated IR academic advisor to apply to the major.

    Please note all IRGB students will also be required to complete the following upper division requirements.

    • 1 International Political Economy Elective (IR 324, 325, 326, 328, 329, 330, 331)
    • 1 Regional Course
    • 1 IR 400 Level Course (not IR 490 or IR 491)
    • 3 IR Upper Division Level Courses
    • ACCT 410x: Foundations of Accounting
    • BUAD 310: Applied Business Statistics -or- ECON 317: Intro to Statistics for Economists

    In order to ensure that students obtain a cohesive focus in their studies, each student must select one of the following three options and complete the required courses listed. We recommend that students complete the introductory course for the business option (i.e. BUAD 215, BUAD 307, BUAD 304) before starting their business option electives. Please be advised of the prerequisites for many of the courses listed below. Also, be sure to review the USC Catalogue.

  • BUAD 306: Business Finance -or- BUAD 308: Advanced Business Finance

    (Prior completion of ACCT 410 is strongly advised before enrolling in BUAD306 or BUAD308.)

    • Choose three of the following courses: FBE 402, FBE 403, FBE 421, FBE 423, FBE 429, FBE 431, FBE 432, FBE 436, FBE 437, FBE 440, FBE 441, FBE 443, FBE 445, FBE 458, FBE 459, FBE 460, FBE 462.
    • BUAD 307: Marketing Fundamentals
    • Choose three of the following courses: MKT 402, MKT 405, MKT 410, MKT 425, MKT 440, MKT 445, MKT 450, MKT 465.
    • BUAD 304: Leading Organizations
    • Choose three of the following courses: MOR 421, MOR 431, MOR 451, MOR 461, MOR 462, MOR 463, MOR 466, MOR 467, MOR 469, MOR 470, MOR 471, MOR 472, MOR 473, MOR 492.