Program Overview

Future Leaders in government, business, and law need to understand how global developments affect their lives and work. The International Relations major provides the conceptual tools you will need to thrive in the fast-changing world of tomorrow. It is an ideal major for those interested in entering the public policy realm or the business world. It is an excellent stepping stone toward graduate programs in foreign affairs, law, public administration, public policy, urban planning, political science and business.

Major Requirements – 12 Courses (48 units)

4 Lower Division Courses

  • IR 210: International Relations: Introductory Analysis (a prerequisite for IR 400 level courses)
  • IR 211: International Relations: Approaches to Research
  • IR 212: Historical Approaches to International Relations
  • IR 213: The Global Economy

       ***Please note, all four IR lower division courses should be completed within the first year in the major.

8 Upper Division Courses

  • One course from each of the IR fields
  • One regional course (please see IR fields list)
  • One IR 400 level course
  • Two upper division electives from any IR field or region


Foreign Language Requirement

  • Satisfy level IV or the equivalent of a single foreign language (must be taken for a letter grade)


Additional Restrictions

  • Maximum two courses (8 units) of IR 499 Special Topics Courses may be applied toward the major.
  • Maximum two courses (8 units) may be shared between two majors, when applicable.
  • Maximum two courses (8 units) of IR-Related courses may be applied toward the major.