Congratulations to  Dr. Pablo Argote Tironi being published!

Photo of Pablo

 ‘Anti-Elite Attitudes and Support for Independent Candidates,’ has been officially published in PLOS ONE.

We congratulate Dr. Argote Tironi and his coauthor, Giancarlo Visconti, on this significant achievement. Their research, conducted in Chile, offers valuable insights into the rise of successful independent candidates amid growing anti-elite sentiments. The study provides a nuanced understanding of how these attitudes shape voter preferences, impacting the success of independent politicians. This work is a crucial contribution to our understanding of contemporary political dynamics and the challenges faced by traditional political parties.”



The ideological dispute between left and right has dominated the political discussion for decades in multiple countries across the globe. However, in recent years people vs. elite debates have replaced traditional ideological conflicts in explaining voters’ electoral decisions. In this paper, we investigate whether anti-elite attitudes contribute to a key political outcome: the increase in successful independent candidates. We implement a conjoint experiment in Chile, where anti-elite sentiments and the number of successful independent politicians are currently prominent. We find that preferences for independent candidates largely increase among voters with anti-elite orientations. In a context where traditional parties face difficult times, such beliefs are key to understanding the factors behind support for candidates with no party affiliation. This insight is important because electing independent politicians can promote a personalistic style of politics, undermine democratic accountability, and foster conflict between the executive and legislative branches.

“For those interested in delving into the full details of the study, you can access the complete paper through the following link: Anti-elite attitudes and support for independent candidates