Our faculty includes leading researchers that specialize in a wide range of areas of philosophy. For those considering our PhD program, below we list the areas where we believe we can offer world-class dissertation-supervision.

Our department is particularly strong in the “core” areas of analytic philosophy. This includes epistemology (both formal and traditional), metaphysics (including the philosophy of physics), philosophy of language (including linguistic semantics), the philosophy of mind (including action theory and the philosophy of cognitive science), and philosophical logic (using methods of formal logic to tackle questions about knowledge, reality, language, and thought). Our other primary area of strength is value theory. This includes normative ethics, metaethics, political philosophy, population ethics, and the philosophy of economics. Finally, in the history of philosophy, our department specializes in early modern philosophy and in the history of analytic philosophy.

If you would like to know which of our faculty may be best situated to advise you in our graduate program, you may peruse their self-identified areas of specialization on our faculty page. You can also write to our graduate admissions director, whose contact information may be found here.