Even in the midst of their studies, our enterprising graduate students continue to find time to develop original contributions to the philosophical literature. The list below demonstrates the depth and variety of both the topics they pursue and the venues their work has appeared in. Only publications by currently enrolled students are listed.

Current graduate students: we would love to see your work appear on this page! Please send your citation information to the graduate committee’s website representative, who will add it to this list.

Foster, Jennifer (forthcoming)

Busting the Ghost of Neutral Counterparts. Ergo: An Open Access Journal of Philosophy.

Garofalo, Paul (forthcoming)

Legitimacy and two roles for flourishing in politics. Journal of Political Philosophy.

San, Weng Kin (forthcoming)

KK, Knowledge, Knowability. Mind.

Wadle, Douglas (forthcoming)

Organized Sound, Sounds Heard, and Silence. Ergo: An Open Access Journal of Philosophy

Stewart, Andrew (forthcoming)

The Normative, the Practical, and the Deliberatively Indispensable. The Journal of Value Inquiry.

Wadle, Douglas (forthcoming)

Restricted Auditory Aspatialism. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

Clark, David (2023)

Refusing Protection. Philosophy and Public Affairs 51 (1):33-59.

Gunkel, Jasmine (2023)

Pleasures of the Flesh. Social Theory and Practice 49 (1):79-103.

Cleani, Antonio Maria & Toquero-Pérez, Luis Miguel (2022)

Debunking Multiform Dimensionality: many, Romance tant-PL, & morpho-syntactic opacity. Proceedings of SALT 32.

Zeng, Jin & Bacon, Andrew (2022)

A Theory of Necessities. Journal of Philosophical Logic 51 (1): 151-199.

Goodsell, Zachary (2022)

Tossing Morgenbesser’s Coin. Analysis 82 (2): 214-221.

Goodsell, Zachary (2022)

Arithmetic is Determinate. Journal of Philosophical Logic 51 (1): 127-150.

Peterson, Christa & Samuel, Jack (2021)

The Right and the Wren. Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility 7 (1): 81-103.

Lee, Junhyo & Nguyen, Anthony (2021)

What’s Positive and Negative about Generics: A Constrained Indexical Approach. Philosophical Studies 179 (5): 1739 – 1761.

Church, Ian; Carlson, Rebecca & Barrett, Justin (2021)

Evil Intuitions? The Problem of Evil, Experimental Philosophy, and the need for Psychological Research. Journal of Psychology and Theology 49 (2): 126-141.

Castillo-Gamboa, Jaime; Wellwood, Alexis & Rudin, Deniz (2021)

Being tall compared to compared to being tall and being tallerExperiments in Linguistic Meaning 1: 78-89.

Garofalo, Paul (2021)

Pyschology and Obligation in Hobbes: The Case of “Ought Implies Can”. Hobbes Studies 34(2): 146-171.

Goodsell, Zachary (2021)

A St Petersburg Paradox for risky welfare aggregation. Analysis 81 (3):420-426.

Gordon, Noah (2021)

What Does It Take to Know that You Know? Acta Analytica 36 (3):443-449.

Gordon, Noah (2021)

The Poss-Ability Principle, G-Cases, and Fitch Propositions. Logos and Episteme 12 (1): 117-125.

Nguyen, Anthony (2021)

A functional naturalism. Synthese 198 (1):295-313.

Sapir, Yasha & van Elswyk, Peter (2021)

Hedging and the ignorance norm on inquiry. Synthese 199 (3-4):5837-5859.

Wadle, Douglas (2021)

Sensory modalities and novel features of perceptual experiences. Synthese 198 (10):9841-9872.

Goodsell, Zachary; Duncan, Michael & Miller, Kristie (2020)

What is an Extended Simple Region? Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 101 (3):649-659.

Nguyen, Anthony (2020)

The Radical Account of Bare Plural Generics. Philosophical Studies 177 (5):1303-1331.

San, Weng Kin (2020)

Fitch’s Paradox and Level-Bridging Principles. Journal of Philosophy 117 (1):5-29.

San, Weng Kin (2019)

Disappearing Diamonds: Fitch-Like Results in Bimodal Logic. Journal of Philosophical Logic 48 (6):1003-1016.

Nguyen, Anthony (2017)

Can Hume Deny Reid’s Dilemma? Hume Studies 43 (2):57-78.

Wadle, Douglas (2017)

The Problem of the Unity of the Representative Assembly in Hobbes’s Leviathan. Hobbes Studies 30 (2):178-201.