Currently, our research takes the following direction:

  • Mesoscopic charge and spin transport in nanoscale hybrid structures. The goal is to understand science in nano-fabricated structures by probing the quantum states and dynamics of charges and spins. Various theoretically predicted phenomena are being tested, such as single-electron charging effect, enhanced magnetoresistance, conductance oscillation, and spin diffusion. The project aims to lay the foundation for a new generation of ultra-fast and non-volatile magneto-electronics.


  • Electrical properties of one-dimensional (1D) nanostructures. 1D nanostructures are of both fundamental and technological interest. They not only exhibit interesting electronic properties intrinsically associated with their low dimensionality and the quantum confinement effect, but also represent the building blocks in the potential nanoscale device applications.


Current Projects:

1. Semiconductor Nanowires Syntheses and Characterizations

a. CdTe nanowires synthesis, doping and characterization
b. CdS:Sn nanowires nanowires synthesis and application

2. Magnetic nanowires (Co, Co/Cu multilayer) fabrications

3. Topological Insulating nanowires synthesis and property study

a. Sb2Te3 nanowires fabrication and transport study
b. Magnetic doped Sb2Te3 nanowires fabrication and characterization