Assumptions We Might Make About the Postworld

ISBN 9781938900228
Release Date: April 2018
44 pages, 5.3” x 7”
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The aliences were neither vicious nor inquisitive, but they were hungry--monstrously so. In truth, the persistence of their eating was like nothing we had ever seen before. They ate and ate and ate. And yet, we felt no judgment, for it was clear to us that they were neither gluttonous nor greedy, but simply famished, as they had traveled a vast distance and arrived at our woods in a state of such depletion that tehir eating would go on forever.


Katharine Haake’s Assumptions We Might Make About the Postworld is such a pleasure to read and re-read. With their sometimes haunting, sometimes hilarious, always fantastical tales, these parables place us on steep literary heights, where we find ourselves looking down at a poignantly despoiled, comically unspooling world. After each story I ended up feeling warm, giddy, very precarious, and hungry for more.

Rod Val Moore

Katharine Haake’s books include the dystopian eco-fable, The Time of Quarantine; the hybrid California prose lyric, That Water, Those Rocks; and three collections of stories. Her writing has long appeared in such magazines as One Story, The Iowa Review, and Witness, and been recognized as distinguished by Best American Stories and Best American Essays, among others. A collaborative text/image work she did with artist Lisa Bloomfield is included in Bloomfield’s portfolio in the permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Haake is a recipient of an Individual Artist’s Grant from LA’s Cultural Affairs Department and teaches at California State University, Northridge.

Cover illustration by Lisa Bloomfield, "Thought" (2014).

Book design by Betsy Medvedovsky.



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