Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Rome (MDA 444)

*Undergraduate applicants only, graduate students are not eligible*



Program Information

Learn to Teach English Onsite in Rome! Earn a TEFL certificate, and explore a new culture and language! This Maymester course will support you to become an equitable English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher by giving you the tools to engage in ongoing reflection to ensure your practices are theory-driven and socioculturally sustaining so that you can facilitate learning experiences that are inclusive and empowering. Upon completion of this course, you will earn a department certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). In this on location course you will have the opportunity to observe EFL classes and teach EFL lessons as well as visit organizations and locations related to education and society in Los Angeles, California and in Rome, Italy.

The course will be conducted in English and will feature lessons in conversational Italian. Cultural and linguistic immersion will offer opportunities for students to reflect on their own learning process to inform their EFL teaching. The focus of this course is to learn how to teach EFL. In the course you will learn that language teaching and learning is a social, political, cultural, and personal process of becoming in the target language. Given this importance of society in language teaching, you will connect the learning objectives of how to teach EFL to education and society through reflective prompts that will be offered for all on site visits and learning experiences.

Learning Objectives:

Design EFL learning activities and two EFL lessons. Teach two or more EFL lessons. Observe language learning activities and lessons. Reflect on personal and local factors in education and society that impact TEFL. Determine your personal language teaching and learning philosophy.

Contact Information

Faculty Director: Jenifer Crawford

Email: jenifeac@usc.edu