DTS supports Dornsife faculty, staff, and affiliates, and provides Dornsife network resource assistance to Dornsife graduate students.

USC undergraduate students are supported by Information Technology Services (ITS).

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  • Your USC NetID is issued to you by ITS. Use your USC NetID to access USC services and applications such as Workday, Blackboard, Zoom, Slack, Outlook, and library databases and e-resources.

    You can activate your NetID or make password changes on the ITS NetID page:

  • A Dornsife Account is required to access:

    • Dornsife-managed computers
    • Dornsife network printers
    • Dornsife network drives

    If you do not already have a Dornsife Account, you can request one. Be sure to specify which department printers, network drives, or network folders you need access to:

    Once your Dornsife Account is created, you will receive a confirmation email. Your Dornsife Account ID is based on your USC NetID:

    • Username: Your USC NetID@dts.usc.edu
    • Password: Your USC NetID passphrase

    If you change or reset your USC NetID passphrase, your Dornsife Account password will automatically update as well.

    If you type the incorrect password too many times, your Dornsife Account gets locked and you will not be able to access Dornsife network resources for 30 minutes:

  • The affiliate (iVIP) program at USC lets departments sponsor non-USC individuals for electronic access to services that are normally restricted to active USC faculty, staff, and students. Once sponsored, these individuals are known as USC affiliates (or iVIPs).

    Senior administrators can submit affiliate account requests to DTS:

USC network and Internet

  • Ethernet

    On-campus desktop computers are connected to the Internet via Ethernet.


    USC Secure Wireless network

    • Username: Your USC NetID
    • Password: Your USC NetID passphrase

    USC Guest Wireless network

    No password is required, but you will not be able to access protected resources such as VPN, Dornsife network printers, and Dornsife network drives.

  • If you are using secure home Internet

    You only need VPN for certain applications:

    • Don’t connect to VPN: Workday, Blackboard, Zoom, Slack, Google Apps (Gmail, Google Drive), Microsoft applications (Outlook, Office 365)
    • Connect to VPN: Secure CRT/SIS, Dornsife network drives, SPSS, remote desktop, some areas of myDornsife

    If you are using public wifi and working with USC data

    You should be connected to VPN at all times.

Network drives and printers

  • Network drive setup

    Follow our guide to connect to your department’s network drives:

    You can learn more about network drives here:

    Network drive troubleshooting

    Make sure that your computer is connected to the USC network via Ethernet, USC Secure Wireless, or VPN. You cannot connect to network resources via USC Guest Wireless.

    Having issues accessing network drives even after checking your connection? We can help you troubleshoot:

  • Printer setup

    Follow our guide to add your department or unit’s network printers to your computer for ongoing use:

    If you’re not at your usual computer, we also offer a web-based option that doesn’t require printer installation:

    Local (wired) printers

    In rare cases, you may have a local printer in your office: these printers will not show up on the network and can be connected directly to your computer using a cable.

    Printer troubleshooting

    Make sure that your computer is connected to the USC network via Ethernet, USC Secure Wireless, or VPN. You cannot connect to network resources via USC Guest Wireless.

    Having issues with printing even after checking your connection? We can help you troubleshoot:

Computers and other hardware

  • The purchasing of computers, tablets, printers, and other technology with Dornsife funds must follow the Dornsife IT Procurement Policy.

    More info about IT Procurement

  • First time login

    The following guides will walk you through your first time logging onto a new Dornsife-managed computer:

    Computer troubleshooting

    Having issues with your computer? We can help you troubleshoot:

  • You can e-waste (recycle) old USC-owned equipment by filling out this form:

    Review our instructions before returning equipment, especially if you are returning an Apple device:

    For devices being e-wasted, DTS works with an approved vendor, Human-I-T. Human-I-T addresses the digital divide by providing low-income individuals and nonprofits with technology, internet, and digital training, and does this by repairing and repurposing technology rather than scrapping electronics for parts.

  • USC requires that you immediately report the loss or theft of any USC-owned devices containing University data, per the Acceptable Use Policy. Time is of the essence so that we can mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to University data stored on your device.

  • For Dornsife faculty and staff needing a temporary or emergency computer loaner:

    Faculty and Staff Computer Loaner Program

Email and communication

File storage, sharing, and backup

Dornsife faculty and staff have access to the following options for file storage, sharing, and backup.

We highly recommend setting up automatic backups on your computer: this will ensure that, even if you lose access to your computer, you can still access critical files.

Zoom Rooms

DTS provides AV assistance, filming, and event support for over 100 Dornsife conference rooms and learning spaces. A full list of supported rooms is available and links to each room’s instructional guide:

Specialized IT services

In addition to the above commonly requested services, DTS offers more specialized services. Email us at ts@dornsife.usc.edu if you’d like more information or if you need an IT service that’s not listed below:

  • We can design and develop web applications and databases to help you securely store, migrate, and analyze data, produce reports, and automate business processes.

    Learn more about our services

  • We can provide filming, event support, and production services.

    Learn more about our services

    View our video showcase

  • Dornsife uses the Emma platform (aka myEmma) for email marketing:

  • We recommend reaching out to us if you would like a consultation or more information about our server support and storage services.

    Learn more about our services

  • Website access

    Dornsife uses WordPress CMS for its website. For editing access to your department, center, or unit’s minisite:

    Website resources

    Review style and content guides, training videos and help guides, image resources, and more:

    Website Project Hub

    Questions? Email webproject@dornsife.usc.edu.

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