Website Features

Some of the features of the new website include:

Updated Design

A contemporary design that’s easier to navigate plus a library of web design components that will allow web editors to customize sites within our design structure and brand guidelines.

WordPress Platform

Adoption of WordPress for our content management system (CMS), which will be more secure, easier to operate and more flexible than our previous CMS.


Design that meets ADA accessibility standards, a federal requirement that websites are designed to be accessible for people with disabilities.

Better Search

Improved search functionality within our site and enhanced ability for Google searches to find content on our website.

Photos for Your Website

Find more photos like these to use on your website here >

Three students sit at desks in a classroom are engaged in a discussion.
A photograph of the hand of a researcher conducting an experiment in a lab.
Students meet for class in the USC Special Collections. A small statue of Tommy Trojan is in the foreground of the photograph.
Professor Vahe Peroomian holds a globe while lecturing in Stabler Hall.
Students sit outside talking next to a fountain on campus.
Painted mural of students in Zumberge Hall.
Three students study around outside next to a fountain on campus.

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