System Status
System Status

Wondering if a network or Internet outage is happening just for you or across all of campus? For updates on outages and planned maintenance:


IT Status Page


Receive system notifications by email

To receive email notifications when a system is down or scheduled for maintenance:

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right, click Subscribe.

Subscribe button located in upper right corner on status page

Receive system notifications in Slack

To receive Slack notifications, you must join the #dts-announcements channel:

  1. Compose a new Slack message with the text below:
    • /join dts-announcements
  2. Click the paper plane icon to Send.

Slack shortcut to join the DTS announcements channel

Unable to join the channel? Fill out our online form to join a Dornsife Slack workspace. Once you are added to the workspace, you can join the channel.