An irreverent chat show in which hosts Amelia Ada and Alexandria Hall interview poets and invite them to tell you beautiful lies about a random assortment of subjects.

Season 1

    Episode 9: About Bogs (w/Tracy Fuad)

    Release Date: 2/19/24

    Who’s ready to get bogged up?!

    This month on YSLPLTY we’re sitting down with Tracy Fuad to discuss her new book PORTAL (U Chicago Press 2024) and her deep and abiding love of land that is wet.

    We also get bogged up about: The Corn Feed, Renaissance Faires, German buses, noise, permeability, (poetry) business trips, types of doors, “land that’s wet,” revenue streams, Jason’s ladder, getting really bogged up at The Corn Feed, the bog queen, the bogosphere,  (de) and (re) composition, and Ye Olde Corne Feede.

    “Bogs are the poets of the landscape–they’re composing.”

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    Episode 8: About Napoleon with Erin Marie Lynch

    Release Date: 01/15/2024

    Would you like it if we told you? If we told you about Napoleon? Would, would you like it?

    On this episode we invite the poet Erin Marie Lynch, author of Removal Acts (Graywolf 2023), to debunk common misunderstandings about everyone’s favorite short king. Or was he really a toxic tall?

    We also get into the weeds with Amelia’s favorite Gertrude Stein recording, Alexandria’s inevitable conquering of The Great British Bake Off, ABBA, family hauntings, internet archives, the essential tenets of lawn care, Scientologist yoga studios, and billiards.

    Episode 7: About Symbiosis with Jesse Nathan

    Release Date: 12/11/2023

    This month we get symbiotic with Jesse Nathan, author of Eggtooth (Unbound Edition 2023), who tells us sweet lies about interspecies cooperation, dependence, and all kinds of dynamic relation.

    Biological metaphors abound.

    Also discussed: Discourse Barbie, making Dogs, cat litter(ature), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, dreaming relevantly, lying rhymes, the singing of the frog, the little shovel, and being used well.

    Episode 6: About the Tarot with Elizabeth Metzger

    Release Date: 10/16/2023

    Let’s get mystical! Elizabeth Metzger — author of Lying In (Milkweed 2023) — tells it slant, brings us deep into the five-layer dip of consciousness, and reads Amelia and Alexandria (for filth??).

    Also discussed: perfumery; head, heart, and base notes; the inevitable Emily Dickinson, inventor of tarot; wallpaper glue, bed rest, the unborn and the dead; and Amelia’s bearded grandmother.

    Time to ask the cards. Bug — Land — Moon —


    Episode 5: About Hypnosis with Cathrine Pond and Kai Carlson-Wee

    Release Date: 10/16/2023

    You find yourself at the watering hole … with YSLPLTY’s first poet-couple dual interview … Catherine Pond, author of Fieldglass (Crab Orchard Series 2021) and Kai Carlson-Wee, author of Rail (BOA Editions 2018) …

    Imagine … we discuss Kai’s culinary elan, the metal content of animals, a pet squirrel named Chauncey, Drop Dead Gorgeous, volleyball with Vanguard, confession and risk, potential reality TV shows about poets, hippos at the watering hole (hipponosis), and being crazy, lazy and in love …

    You are getting sleepy … very sleepy …

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    Episode 4: About Math with Adrienne Chung

    Release Date: 08/29/2023

    Question: Three poets are lying about ‘rithmetic. If each is traveling at different speeds, and Amelia has two apples, Alexandria has eight cats and two dogs, and Adrienne has four leather jackets, when will we arrive at the truth?

    On our latest episode, we invite Adrienne Chung, author of the forthcoming National Poetry Series-winning book Organs of Little Importance (Penguin, 2023), to lie to us about every poet’s favorite subject: Math!

    Also discussed: All the infinities, eurythmy, hot yoga, Jungian dream analysis, dickmatization, SAT tutoring, black leather jackets in Berlin, form and formulas, and the Donut of Desire.

    When do we buy the blouse?! Listen to find out.

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    Episode 3: About Cryptocurrency with Matt Broaddus

    Release Date: 08/11/2023

    Amelia and Alexandria are back! From the bottom of the well! With a new episode featuring Matt Broaddus, author of Temporal Anomalies (Ricochet Editions 2023).

    We do a deep dive into the shady and fantastical world of cryptic currency, and discuss along the way gray goblins, improv poker, things falling out of the sky, gossip, the Gospel of Gretchen, and a singularity of lies. And we introduce the Misha Moment™.

    We really want a bitcoin 🙁

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    P.S. The sun has returned to Los Angeles since this episode was recorded. This episode is its own temporal anomaly.

    Episode 2: About Spooky Action at a Distance with Diannely Antigua

    Release Date: 06/09/2023

    In our second episode, we get spooky with Diannely Antigua.

    We talk about Diannely’s first book Ugly Music, her forthcoming book Good Monster, and her work as Poet Laureate of Portsmouth, NH. Lies ensue about physics, distance, and food delivery.

    “To be close to someone is to decide to allow your spaces to collide.”

    Also discussed: Hot Goblin Summer™, LoTR, Yoga Toes, Capri Sun, pandemic romances, and husband material (plumbers).

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    PS: Amelia sends her greetings from the bottom of the well where she recorded this interview #HotGoblinSummer.

    Episode 1: About Aeronautics with Austen Leah Rose

    Release Date: 04/23/2023

    For our inaugural episode, we talked with poet Austen Leah Rose about her new book Once, This Forest Belonged to a Storm, and invited her to lie to us about aeronautics. What is flight? “Air in conversation with air. That’s flying.”We also discuss: storms, motherhood, mushrooms, sky dancers, physics and Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête.PS: We know the Björk video is from the 80s, not the 90s—this is a podcast of LIES! Please don’t @ us. Follow us @poetsliepodcast, check out


    Release Date: 04/15/2023

    In anticipation of the first YSLPLTY episode, Amelia and Alexandria introduce themselves, and try to figure out what a podcast is… where do they grow? Who made the first one? Is this one?? Spoiler alert: the Poddy is in the bag.Follow us @poetsliepodcast, check out, and stay tuned NEXT WEEK for Episode 1!

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