ACFC buddies and season ticket holders, Karen Tongson & Jennifer Doyle, process the FIFA WWC from opposite ends of the globe.

Produced in Los Angeles, Air/Light Podcast brings you literature from a Southern California perspective. We feature conversations and interviews with the best of contemporary literature in California and beyond.

This is the official podcast of Air/Light, an online literary journal published by the English Department at the University of Southern California. We showcase both traditional and innovative works. We are firmly of the West Coast, but also national, international. We mean to look out expansively from this place rather than to gaze narrowly back at it, to express a West Coast aesthetic, a West Coast sensibility, and direct that lens onto the world.

The Arts of Racial Reckoning is executive produced by Dorinne Kondo.

In the aftermath of the 1992 LA Uprisings, Anna Deavere Smith crafted TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES 1992, a play based on Smith’s interviews with over 200 Los Angeles residents.

30 years later, through the lens of TWILIGHT, we ask: how can the arts advance social justice? Can they help us understand structural racism, as more than individual prejudice? Can they provide models for working through conflict? Can they show us both possibilities and limits to our strategies for social change?

For the first episode of Critical Conversations, Playwright and Vida showrunner Tanya Saracho joins USC professor Elda María Román to talk about how Latinx representation on the stage, page and screen (both big and small) are never an easy task. Instead they invite writers to think and work through all sorts of nuance, “messiness,” and breadth. Their discussion affirms how and why our identities can never be seen as monolithic.

Dance Hubs is an audio series about global spaces of creative movement where dancers assemble and connect, exchange and get down, and then pass through. It is hosted by Edwin Hill, Associate Professor at the University of Southern California with joint appointments in the Department of French & Italian and the Department of American Studies & Ethnicity.

Season one in this audio series features “the Loft,” a temporary residence for dancers from around the world. In this series, we will hear the story of the Loft as told by the dancers who created it and made it special. And we’ll listen to them explain why the Loft made such a meaningful impact in their lives as dancers and, quite simply, as human beings.

The Gaymazing Race is a limited podcast series on The Amazing Race from an LGBTQ point-of-view, hosted by authors, profs & professional queers Nicole J. Georges & Karen Tongson.

Muslims as Seen on TV is a podcast that explores representations of Muslims in US popular culture. It is hosted by Evelyn Alsultany, Associate Professor in the Department of American Studies and Ethnicity at USC and author of Arabs and Muslims in the Media: Race and Representation after 9/11.

You Shouldn’t Let Poets Lie to You is an irreverent chat show in which hosts Amelia Ada and Alexandria Hall interview poets and invite them to tell you beautiful lies about a random assortment of subjects.

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