DEADLINE: January 31, 2024

CIS will fund a limited number of Research Assistantships (RAs) for 2024–25 to tenured and tenure-track faculty in POIR specializing in international relations or comparative politics. Two key goals of this program are to support research of faculty members and professional development experience for POIR graduate students, with an emphasis on collaboration.

Please submit proposals to CIS by email:

Please describe your research project and specify the duties the PhD student will perform and how the project will benefit the student in terms of training; please also be clear in indicating expectations around possible co-publication opportunities. It is strongly encouraged that you convey the quality of the proposed research and how the proposed role for the RA on the project will contribute meaningfully to the production of a top-tier peer-reviewed publication.

CIS will not accept requests for a specific student but will work closely with the POIR PhD office to identify a qualified student with appropriate skills. Faculty are asked to demonstrate a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusivity in this process.

Full CIS funding (estimated to be $40,000 in 2024–25) supports one RA for two semesters. A $20,000 award can be used to support an RA for (a) one semester; or (b) two semesters with co-funding from an external source in the amount of $20,000.


Tenured and tenure-track (TT) faculty in POIR (including incoming TT faculty) specializing in international relations or comparative politics.

Tenured and tenure-track (TT) faculty in POIR (including incoming TT faculty) specializing in international relations or comparative politics; the center will prioritize junior faculty when considering final allocations. Proposals from associate and full professors will be enhanced with a demonstrated commitment to co-publish with their prospective RA.

CIS will consider several factors in granting awards, such as an applicant’s participation in CIS programming or level of prior CIS funding, in attempting to ensure an equitable distribution of resources to faculty.

Faculty and PhD students who receive CIS RA funding will be expected to attend the weekly IR & CP workshops throughout 2024–25 and contribute to the intellectual community of the center.

Faculty who have previously received CIS funding must also show the direct impact past RAships have had on both the graduate student and on their own research. Grantees are expected to submit an impact report to CIS at the conclusion of the year (by July 31, 2025) to remain eligible for the following year’s CIS funding.

The Center for International Studies is committed to ensuring equity in its mission to support scholarship in international studies.

Click to download a PDF of these guidelines for the “2024–25 Call for RA Proposals.” Email with any questions.