The Political Economy working group provides a platform for PhD students and faculty to collaborate with one another in settings less formal than our weekly workshops.


  • Participants will take turns presenting papers, new ideas, proposed research designs — anything that needs feedback at whatever stage they happen to be in.
  • Help build community with colleagues and graduate students across subfields, creating potential for research synergy and informed feedback on work in progress.
  • Help faculty to get to know PhD students in a different context, thereby informing possible matches for future research assistantships and research collaborations.
Spring 2024 Meetings:
February 23, 2024, noon–1:30 pm
March 1, 2024, 11:30 am–1 pm
March 22, 2024, noon–1:30 pm
April 19, 2024, 11:30 am–1 pm
May 3, 2024,  noon–1:30 pm
Meetings take place in SOS B40 (and on Zoom)
Coffee and lunch provided.
To get involved with the Political Economy Working Group, please contact us at