Honors Programs in Chemistry
The Chemistry Department Honors Program offers opportunities for becoming involved in research in faculty labs and in participation in a department seminar program to learn about research across many different areas from internationally renowned scientists who visit USC. The department also offers research scholarships and internship opportunities in institutions in the U.S. and abroad. In addition, you will get to know other Honors students and interact with them, forging both personal and professional relationships.

Students may apply for the program following their freshman year if they have a 3.5 or better science and cumulative GPA. Once admitted to the Honors Program, students must complete all the normal requirements for a Chemistry BA or a BS degree in Chemistry (all tracks including Research, Nano and Chem Bio) or Biochemistry. Students must complete 8 units of research (CHEM 490 or CHEM 494, which may also satisfy major requirements) under the supervision of chemistry faculty, with the research results described in an undergraduate thesis reviewed and approved by a faculty committee. To graduate with Honors, a student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 in all USC science and mathematics courses taken for degree credit. In addition, students who are in the Honors program are encouraged to take two units of CHEM-294, Undergraduate Research Seminar, in their freshman or sophomore year so that they can receive direction in finding a challenging and rewarding research opportunity.

For more information and Honors’ Application Form, please contact Chemistry Student Services Advisor, Natalie Waldon.