Monday, February 28, 2022

Graphic with the words "A Message to the CPF Community"
A Message to the CPF Community graphic

We, the undersigned members of the USC Department of Political Science and International Relations and the USC Dornsife Center for the Political Future, condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Whatever one’s perspective on international law, geopolitics, and post-Cold War rivalry in Central Europe, nothing can justify the barbaric onslaught that President Vladimir Putin has unleashed. We proclaim our solidarity with the brave people of Ukraine, with the Ukrainian community of Southern California including those on our USC campus, as well as with the many Russians who oppose this war.

We are also concerned by reports of intolerance in our campus community, of students hurt by disparaging remarks of other students and even faculty. We condemn the stereotyping of any national, ethnic, racial or religious group and remind each other of our norm of tolerance.

Information and analysis must supplant prejudice and emotion, to which end we call your attention to the upcoming panels and lectures sponsored by the Global Policy Institute, the Program in Central European Studies, the Max Kade Institute, the Shoah Foundation, and others.

Kamy Akhavan
Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro
Erin Baggott
Douglas Becker
Brett Logan Carter
Ann Crigler
Robert English
Jeffrey Fields
Allison Hartnett
Anthony Kammas
Saori N. Katada
Olu Orange
Gerardo Munck
Miguel Pereira
Nina Rathbun
Stanley Rosen
Wayne Sandholtz
Stephanie Schwartz
Jefferey Sellers
Robert M. Shrum
Steve Swerdlow
Greg Treverton
Carol Wise
Audrye Wong