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Center for the Political Future

Fall 2023 Fellow

Building on over forty years of involvement in American politics, Arnon Mishkin leads the Fox News Election Decision Team, which is responsible for analyzing election and polling results and developing models to project election outcomes.

Following the 2016 election, Mishkin and his team, working with the Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center, developed the Fox News Voter Analysis/AP VoteCast, which is the first alternative to the Network “Exit Poll,” and is conducted in all states with statewide elections. It is now considered the most definitive and timely snapshot of American voter attitudes.

During election season, he often appears on Fox News to assess the impact of different campaigns and the likely trends in the electorate.

Mishkin has taught as an adjunct professor at Northeastern University, and has served as a Resident Fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.

Mishkin got his start in politics as a protégé of David Garth of The Garth Group. The firm was widely known for the election of: multiple governors of New York; New York Mayors, including John Lindsay, Ed Koch, Rudy Guiliani and Michael Bloomberg; as well as US Senators John Heinz and Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania. Most importantly, the firm was known for its pioneering use of television advertising, at a time when most campaigns relied on it minimally.

In addition to his work as a political analyst, Mishkin runs a strategic management consultancy, Mishkin Associates, where he focuses on general strategic consulting for a wide array of businesses.

Formerly a partner with The Boston Consulting Group, Arnon earned a BA from Yale University and an MBA, with distinction, from Harvard Business School.

Mishkin is delighted to spend Fall 2023 at the University of Southern California. Fight On!

Study Group: Planning the 2024 Campaign in a Polarized America

“America is divided” has become a truism: Americans follow different media, they admire different types of leaders, and they often embrace different “facts” based on their partisan leanings. This division – between rural and urban, between educated “elites” and those without college degrees, and among different races and ethnicities – has been underpinning our politics, arguably since our founding, and have certainly been highlighted in the elections of 2016-2022. In this study group we will focus our discussions on the 2024 campaign – with both the 2024 primary campaigns (likely primarily on the GOP side) and the general election campaign that will follow.

Tuesdays, 3-5 p.m. PT
September 12
September 19
September 26
October 3
October 10

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