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The latest edition of the SIR Alumni Newsletter is here! View the PDF or view some of the articles below. More articles will be added in the coming days.

A Note from the Director

Ninety Years of International Relations at USC

Last year in this space, I mused abot why students pick international relations for a major and what I say to engcourage them: the vital importance of global issues, the intellectual excitement of analyzing them, and the many professional options that follow.

SIR and U.S. Air Force Host National Security Conference

The event included 25 scholars from 14 West Coast universities and think tanks. U.S. Air Force Secretary Michael Donley, a USC Dornsife alumnus, led the discussions among scholars and other Air Force officers.

SIR Senior Anna Philips on Meeting Secretary Donley at the National Security Conference

“The opportunity to meet with Secretary Donley was a defining moment of my three years at the University of Southern California and an opportunity that I will carry with me for a lifetime..."

Geneva Summer Study Abroad

This summer, I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky fourteen students selected for a summer study abroad program in Geneva, Switzerland. The program entailed a five-week internship at an international or non-governmental organization (NGO), and a four-week International Relations (IR) course; basically, any IR major’s dream come true. Geneva is truly a multicultural city filled with a multitude of languages, cuisines, and cultures that permeate the streets, and not to mention, the United Nations (UN) flags and buildings that just seem to be everywhere!

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