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Knowledge in Action: How SIR Prepared Me

Written by Kamron Hakemy (2013)

As soon as I graduated from USC in May 2013, I was wondering how do I apply my studies from International Relations-Global Business (IRGB) to being a Multifamily Underwriting Analyst at Freddie Mac?

Initially, I thought I would be the typical graduate that would not have my job relate to what I studied in college, but surprisingly it was. Along with my business courses, IR499: the Global Economy really helped lay the foundation for working at a financial institution like Freddie Mac.

In this class taught by Professor Eatwell, Professor Aronson, and the TA, Dollie Davis, they taught me the key skills used in financial services: how to analyze key trends in the markets, how to work with credit parameters, understanding the principles of accounting, how to work with balance sheets, risk analysis, and even learned how both large financial institutions and nations learn to adapt to new regulations set in the global economy. These lessons not only helped me develop my financial skills set, but it also helped me understand the true functions of financial institutions and the different types of key players in the financial services industry.

This class has been one of the few classes that I am applying towards life after graduation since it taught me the premise of how finance works in the economy. Ultimately, it has helped me understand how my company Freddie Mac is a key player in the financial services industry, and how to go about being an Underwriting Analyst for them.


Latest News

Click here to read Walter  Ladwig's most recent New York Times OpEd on Sino-American relations which is based on his visit to Beijing during the anti-Japanese protests.

Laura Goodwin, BA 2011 and winner of the SIR Director's Award for major service and achievement, presented at commencement 2011, is finishing an MA at Johns Hopkins' Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.  Lauren has accepted an offer from J.P. Morgan to begin working on foreign exchange and interest rate risk management in New York in 2013.

Anna Miner (BA 2011) recently turned down a Fulbright to Egypt in favor of a sponsored year of Arabic study at Qatar University in Doha, Qatar with the Qatar Scholarship Program at Georgetown University.

Charlotte Florance (BA 2009) has signed on to the Senate Homeland Security Subcommittee to head up a study on Libya.

Angela Pan (BA 2001) is in DC, working in the Executive Secretariat at State...


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