POSC Students rack up USC Scholar Awards!

During this Commencement season, POSC students nabbed all sorts of USC prizes and accolades.

POSC Profs take a Hike

Prof. Anthony Kammas recently hiked Echo Mountain with students as a part of USC's Peaks and Professors club.

Tara Campbell is running for city council

Recent graduate Tara Campbell (POSC 2015) is running for city council in her hometown of Yorba Linda, CA.

Recent Faculty Publications

Ange-Marie Hancock's Intersectionality: An Intellectual History explores the evolution of intersectionality theory and how identity politics create power.

Christian Grose's article, "Explaining Explanations: How Legislators Explain their Policy Positions and How Citizens React" has been published by the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS).


Congratulations POSC 2016!

The Department of Political Science wishes the very best to all of our graduates! Check out pictures from our wonderful Commencement Reception. Please keep us posted of your accomplishments as you go forward in your careers by e-mailing us at posc@usc.edu.

Unruh Institute hosts Civic Engagement Symposium

High school students, mentored by undergraduates participating in the Civic Engagement Internship, shared their findings about voter turnout to the surrounding community.

Hannah Leibson wins Elizabeth Garrett award

Hannah Leibson (POSC 2018) is the first-ever recipient of the Elizabeth Garrett Award from the Unruh Institute of Politics.

POSC Student Spotlight: Trent Fujii

Have you ever wondered who our POSC students are and what makes them tick? Check out the POSC Student Spotlight for a glimpse into the lives of these busy undergraduates.

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