Welcome to POIR 


Welcome to the POIR program website. The Political Science and International Relations (POIR) Program is a community of young and not-so-young scholars committed to inspire and support doctoral studies in political science and international relations. In an increasingly globalized world where local politics is closely connected to world affairs, and global governance can directly affect our daily lives, can you find a better subject to focus your energy and passion on than politics and international relations? Located in the heart of Los Angeles, where the people, cultures and businesses of the Pacific Rim all meet, the POIR Program at University of Southern California provides an exciting setting for such discipline. This PhD program is supported by over thirty premier scholars in various fields of political science and international relations, whose academic work influence the UN election monitoring around the world to California education policy. Our students are a great cohort who are building their careers in academia, research institutions, government and foreign services, and international or non-governmental organizations. Join us in our exciting journey by first checking out our new website!   

Saori N. Katada
Associate Professor
Director, POIR Program
School of International Relations