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JEP Courses

The Joint Educational Project is an academic program yet it does not offer course credit, does not require additional student fees, nor support faculty members. The program makes its placement, monitoring, and evaluation services available to professors in the Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences as well as the professional schools. This allows faculty members to build an experiential education component into their courses without the heavy administrative burden that accompanies high quality community based work.

During any given semester, as many as fifty faculty members may be offering a "JEP option" in their courses. Students are given partial credit for their participation in the form of a waiver of other course requirements or extra credit. Many faculty members give no additional credit but lower the number of secondary sources students are required to use in term papers, allowing students to replace such sources with structured firsthand JEP-base observations.

JEP partners with a variety of upper and lower division courses which allow or require students to engage in community work through JEP. Some courses may be offered only in the Spring or Fall semesters. Please contact the professors listed if you have any specific questions about getting class credit for doing JEP.

If you know of a another class that would be a fit for JEP, please contact us with the course & professor.

A few weeks into the semester, we will post the list of reflective questions for each course we are working with.

JEP Courses Partners

For a list of the courses partnered with JEP for the upcoming semester, check the USC Schedule of Classes.

Click on the "Community Based Learning Courses" for a list of the classes we are working with, or come by to the JEP house.

JEP Courses

Past JEP Courses

The list of courses that used to work with JEP is available on request.