A large part of JEP’s success is due to our long-term partnerships with schools and community-based organizations near the university. Many of the sites that host JEP students have been our partners for more than 40 years.

In choosing to focus on the neighborhoods surrounding the university, we hope to concentrate our resources and make an appreciable difference.  The proximity of most sites to campus also is helpful in combating transportation and scheduling issues.

See a map of all of our current partners below:


Partnering with JEP

If your school or community-based organization is located near the USC University Park campus and you would like to become a JEP partner, please complete an application for a community agency or a neighborhood school.

In return for our commitment to recruit student-volunteers every semester, each site is required to dedicate time for one staff member to serve as a “JEP Coordinator.” This person is responsible for working with JEP to design service-learning assignments, place students, help students resolve problems while on site, maintain communications with JEP staff, and evaluate student performance.

Proposals to partner with JEP are reviewed by the JEP staff twice yearly for the following semester. For consideration for a program beginning in the fall semester, applications are due March 31st for April review. Applications are also accepted in the fall for spring consideration and are due September 30th for October review. Applicants will be notified by the last day of each semester whether or not they have been approved as a JEP program for the following semester.

Note: Unfortunately, we currently cannot review new applications for non-profit partnerships from organizations that are not within walking distance of USC.

Contact Information

Should you have questions regarding the proposal process or guidelines, please contact us at: 

Phone: 213.740.1837
Email: jephouse@usc.edu

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