USC Dornsife’s Trojan Health Volunteers (THV) is an organization under the Joint Educational Project (JEP) at the University of Southern California that gives undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain valuable volunteering experience in a healthcare context. Additional academic components of THV include discussions on contemporary healthcare, speaker events with established physicians, and a journal club focusing on literature within healthcare.

How Do I Apply?

Fall 2024 Information

THV applications will be opening some time in August. The exact application period has not been released yet. Based on the previous semesters, we expect it to open about a week before the semester starts and close during the first week of the semester.

THV will be holding orientation on a day during the first or second week of the semester. Details of location will be provided upon release of site decisions. Please note, spots are not guaranteed and fill up quickly

Note: You do not need to have a pre-med emphasis!

Any questions? Email jepthv@usc.edu

Spring 2024 THV Partner Sites (Fall 2024 sites to be released at a later date)

Looking to become a partner site? Email jepthv@usc.edu and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • LOCATION: 1500 San Pablo St, Los Angeles, CA 90033
    Roughly 30 minute commute using the USC shuttle
    OVERVIEW: In-person volunteering position (usually lasts 6 months, minimum of 100 hours, shifts must be at least 4 hours).
    First 60 hrs consist of employee entrances (escorting and directing people that come into the hospital)
    After the first 60 hrs, you can then start volunteering in designated nursing units, answer phone calls, do patient rounds, provide comfort to patients on their deathbed, clerical duties, etc.
    CLEARANCES: Background check, COVID vaccinations, attendance of virtual meeting, TB test, vaccinations (additional requirements outlined during orientation)

  • LOCATION: 403 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007

    • Roughly a 15 minute commute using public transportation
    • Walking distance

    OVERVIEW: In-person volunteering position (usually lasts 6 months, minimum of 100 hours, shifts must be at least 4 hours).

    Patient advocacy, clerical work, and assistance with patient events and rehab

    CLEARANCES: COVID vaccinations, TB test (current within the last 90 days), HIPAA training, health state advisory, possible background check, vaccinations (additional requirements outlined during orientation)


    DESCRIPTION: Providing online-tutoring for the children of Keck employees

    • Usually 1 or 2 times/week, 2 hour increments
    • The parent or child will specify what subject they would like tutoring in
    • Students are usually elementary school/middle school students, some will have learning disabilities

    CLEARANCES: Background check, attendance of virtual meeting, completion of “protecting minors” training that we will provide (additional requirements outlined during orientation)


    • Will require personal transportation (We will not provide reimbursement)

    DESCRIPTION: In-person volunteering position (anywhere between 3-15 months, shifts must be at least 4 hours a week).

    • There is a one-time tuition fee ranging from $232 to $509
    • This site is the most hands-on of all the sites
    • After training, you actually get to interact with patients on a deeper level, patient contact will be allowed (unique amongst all the sites)

    CLEARANCES: Completion of CPR training, additional application with interview, COVID vaccinations, background check, TB test, vaccinations (additional requirements outlined during orientation)

  • LOCATION: 8700 Beverly Blvd #2900A, Los Angeles, CA 90048

    • Roughly 30-40 minute commute, will require personal transportation

    DESCRIPTION: In-person volunteering position (usually lasts 6 months, minimum of 100 hours, shifts must be at least 4 hours).


  • IN-PERSON: Volunteering available year round. Requires a minimum commitment of 200 hours to successfully complete the program. A minimum commitment of 5 hours per week is required — 8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday are the available volunteer hours Orientation and onboarding will be some time in late January/early February.

  • Location: 1401 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015. Overview: IN-PERSON volunteering position: Emergency Room – students will have the opportunity to work within a 24-hour shift in the Emergency Room Department of the hospital. Shifts are available Monday-Sunday. You will not be working 24-hours straight, but will be able to choose your shift time/duration within those 24 hours with the site coordinator.  Clearances: COVID Vaccine, you must be a junior or senior

Other Academic Opportunities

  • Three THV discussions are held per semester covering a wide range of issues within contemporary healthcare. Discussions are led by the Director, Assistant Director, and Journal Club Leader. While discussions are open to every THV student, first and second semester THV students are required to come to two discussions per semester, and third+ semester THV students are required to attend one discussion per semester.

  • Two THV Speaker Events are held per semester, bringing in USC Professors, Research Principal Investigators, Doctors, EMTs, and more to talk to students about career opportunities within the pre-health sector. While speaker events are open to every THV student, all THV students must attend at least one speaker event per semester.

  • THV students can participate in Journal Club, giving them an opportunity to read and discuss literature about the healthcare field. Journal Club can either be used as a substitute for a site or can be done in addition to volunteering.

Staff Office Hours


Fall 2024 Director – Marcus Chang
Email: mgchang@usc.edu

Fall 2024 Office Hours:

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