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JEP: Trojan Health Volunteers

Welcome to Trojan Health Volunteers!

Trojan Health Volunteers (THV) gives pre-health students the opportunity to obtain valuable volunteering experience in Los Angeles area hospital and clinical settings. Students gain hands-on experience while observing the various aspects of medicine. In addition to being a community service organization, THV is also committed to connecting our students' clinical experience with weekly written assignments and bioethics group discussions to advance their understanding of the world of medicine. After successfully completing their volunteer requirements, students may also have the chance to receive a letter of recommendation from the program director.


Volunteerism is a crucial aspect of any pre-med's college experience. Science courses give a student the information by which to build a solid foundation, however, they are only part of what makes an excellent physician. Gaining exposure to a clinical setting at a preliminary stage in one's educating career is vital because it allows the student volunteer to better understand their medical career options, become familiar with the environment of a medical setting and to practice interacting with patients, physicians, and nurses. Many medical schools require applicants to have clinical experience because it demonstrates that the student is aware of what is involved with the medical profession.