Please join STPL in congratulating the recipients of our third annual STS Summer Research stipends! These USC graduate students will spend the summer doing research on topics related to science and technology studies and will present their findings to the STPL community in fall 2023.  We are grateful for the support of the USC Dornsife Office of the Dean and the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, which has made these stipends possible.

2023 STS Summer Research Stipend Recipients:

Joshua Beckelhimer, English
Project: “Agave Archives: Speculating Ecological Histories and Futures”

Rohan Grover, Communication
Project: “The Epistemic Potential of Data Protection Datasets”

Simogne Hudson, Communication
Project: “Prison Sounds: Hearing beyond and through Carceral Infrastructure”

Kyooeun Jang, Communication
Sandee Kollannur, Virtebi
Xin Zhu, Virtebi
Collaborative Project: “Drawing Virtual Lines Between Intimacy and Harassment: Conceptualizing Acceptable Forms of Touch in eXtended Reality”

Allie Lyamuya, Communication
Project: “Computational Turn in Border Control and Humanitarian Management”

Jaden Morales, American Studies and Ethnicity
Project: “Archipelago of Waste: Race, Ecology, and Techno-Colonial Capitalism in 20th-Century Puerto Rico”

Will Orr, Communication
Project: “Tracing Common Crawl: origins, tensions, repair”

Curtis Tamm, Cinema and Media Studies
Project: “Explorations of Sirenic Thinking”

Sook Lin Toh, Anthropology
Project: “Affective Labour and Futurities in Tech-for-Development Initiatives in Singapore”

Jason Vu
, American Studies and Ethnicity
Project: “Không: Aerial Afterlives of the Vietnam War”