Satelite photograph of phytoplankton off the coast of Norway

Three USC Dornsife faculty members named 2023 Simons Investigators

Associate Professors Naomi Levine, Seth John and J. Cameron Thrash are recognized for their research contributions to aquatic microbial ecology.
ByAnnie Bang and Darrin S. Joy

Three marine scientists at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences were among seven distinguished scholars to receive the 2023 Simons Investigator in Aquatic Microbial Ecology Award.

The program supports “outstanding investigators in the field of microbial ecology in marine or natural freshwater systems, who will advance our understanding through field studies, laboratory experiments, modeling or theory.”

Granted to Associate Professors Naomi LevineSeth John and J. Cameron Thrash and totaling $4.7 million, the awards will enable them to expand their current research and open avenues to new investigations. The funding covers salary support for the investigators and their lab personnel, equipment, travel, publications and other research expenses.

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