After translating a diary written by a Buddhist priest who was interned with his family during World War II, USC Dornsife’s Duncan Williams became compelled to research how Buddhism was used by American government and army officials to mark Japanese Americans for internment and how the religion offered solace to those in the camps. [6 ½ min read]


In Fall 2015, the USC School of Religion will launch a doctoral program with three tracks: Asia Pacific Religions, Comparative Christianities and Global Islam.

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A $6.6 million gift from the Shinnyo-en Buddhist order supports the newly named USC Shinso Ito Center for Japanese Religions and Culture.


Dharma Civilization Foundation’s $3.24 million gift will promote study of one of the world’s major religions.


New faculty member Duncan Williams brings his expertise in Japanese Buddhism to his roles as the director of the USC School of Religion and the founder and co-director of the USC Center for Japanese Religions and Culture.