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Pathways to Success Through Identity Based Motivation is a book that provides an overview of identity-based motivation theory, the experimental evidence that it works, and a manual for implementing the Pathways-to-Success intervention. The manual details a series of single classroom period length sessions and includes full scripts, points for reinforcement, and materials and handouts needed to run the intervention. It also includes all the measures and instruments needed to test fidelity of implementation and change in students’ identity-based motivation. For links to associated research articles please use the link above to be redirected to the Pathways to Success Website.

Throughout Pathways-to-Success, children engage in activities to link images of adulthood to school success, to make school success and strategies (e.g., studying) feel like something students can do, and to inoculate them from misinterpreting difficulty as meaning that school success is impossible to attain. Each session involves an activity focused on a specific take-home point so that each of the three core elements is presented multiple times via different activities allowing for growth of insight across sessions.

The book also provides tips for implementation and for customizing to setting, highlighting what is a core or ‘active’ ingredient and separating that from what was developed to link to the particular context (middle school, during the school day). We can provide downloadable versions of the PowerPoints, Handouts, and Manual for use with teachers. Please use the website link above to access these documents, along with research articles, and related videos about the Pathways-to-Success Program.

The book provides a summary of the first comprehensive test of the IBM process model using a randomized clinical trial that was funded by NIH (P30MH38330, Oyserman project PI; NIMH R01 MH58299 Oyserman PI; Oyserman, 2008; Oyserman, Bybee, & Terry 2006; Oyserman, Terry, & Bybee, 2002). The Institute for Educational Studies (IES grant number R305A140281) is funding development of a teacher-led, teacher-trained version of School-to-Jobs, called Pathways-to-Success. This development grant is being carried out in collaboration with the American Institutes for Research.