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While it is important to be prepared for such job opportunities, it is equally critical that students have access to an infrastructure that assists in finding job opportunities. MAPP graduate students are not only joining one of the strongest alumni networks in the world, they also have access to every resource provided by USC Career Services.

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Ava Pomerantz

Jury Trial Consultant – Trial Behavior Consulting

MAPP Class of 2021

“With MAPP, I saw a path to a career that would merge my interests in qualitative and quantitative research. It was a career that also had enough breadth to hold my passion for connection, as well as my curiosity for understanding different perspectives. Through peer consulting projects, reading relevant and thought-provoking texts, and engaging in a wide variety of skill-based workshops, I began not only to see the path, but also all the potential to apply psychology to the business world. And, most importantly, while building, and now maintaining, strong and supportive bonds with both peers and professors.”

Campbell Rechey

Senior UX Researcher – Morgan Stanley

MAPP Class of 2018

“The MAPP program has a thorough, yet balanced approach to fostering student’s “hard” and “soft” skills. The curriculum challenged me to think critically, analyze complex problems through various research methods, and develop innovative solutions. And the supportive faculty and collaborative environment helped me hone my networking skills, foster my growth as a professional, and prepared me to excel in a dynamic and constantly evolving industry. The lessons I learned through MAPP landed me my first full-time job out of school and have continued to proven invaluable in my day-to-day work since!”

Bahar Pishdadian

Workforce Transformation – PwC

MAPP Class of 2021

“MAPP was the perfect bridge from my undergraduate degree in psychology to a career in consulting. The program equipped me with essential skills and invaluable experiences that have accelerated my growth and set me up for long-term success.”

Tahani AlAli

Design Thinking – Aramco

MAPP Class of 2017

Tanya Khazaie

Human Resources – SpaceX

MAPP Class of 2020

Sophia Hunt

Diversity Coordinator – Loeb & Loeb

MAPP Class of 2021

Galen McAllister

Augmented Reality Research – Snapchat

MAPP Class of 2019

Frank Montana

Global Gaming Research – Sega

MAPP Class of 2018

David Giardino

Director Marketing & Brand Strategy – NBC Sports

MAPP Class of 2018