SCOPIL: Southern California Occasional Papers in Linguistics

No. 1. Consonant Types and Tone. Edited by Larry M. Hyman, with articles by J. Ohala, W. Lea, J. Matisoff, L. Maran, W. Leben, and L. Hyman. [1973; 179 pages]

No. 2.  Studies in Syntax and Semantics.  Edited by Bruce T. Downing, with articles by T.M. Cofer, B.T. Downing, P.R. Frommer, M. Shibatani, K. Barrett, T.M. Flynn. [1974; 159 pages]  (OUT OF PRINT: Manuscript copy only)

No. 3. Studies In Bantu Tonology. Edited by Larry M. Hyman, with articles by J.M. Hombert, T. Asongwed & L. Hyman, L. Hyman & M. Tatadjeu, B. Elimelech, L. Arvanites, I,. Maddieson, A. Kimenyi, E. Byarushengo & L. Hyman & S. Tenenbaum, J. Chagas, L. Johnson, H. Batibo, L. Trithart, T. Bennet. [1976; 332 pages]

No. 4. Studies In Stress And Accent. Edited by Larry M. Hyman, with articles by A. Bell, V. Fromkin, E. Garding, L. Hyman, W. Lea, L. Nessly, J. Ohala, W. Chafe, A. Grundt, M. Haas, P. Kiparsky and M. Halle, M. Langdon, J. McCawley, P. Munro, and M. Ohala. [1977; 213 pages]

No. 5  Discourse Across Time and Space.  Edited by Elinor Ochs Keenan and Tina L. Bennett, with articles by E. Ochs Keenan, T.L. Bennett, J. Walcutt, B. Kroll, C. Lehman, S. Shimanoff and J. Brunsk, J. Heringer, S. Sabsay and T. Bennett, S. Shimanoff, I. Tamori, P. Giunchi, S Tenenbaum. [1977; 304 pages]  (OUT OF PRINT: Manuscript copy only)

No. 6. Haya Grammatical Structure (East Bantu; Tanzania). Edited by E. Byarushengo, A. Duranti, & L. Hyman, with 14 chapters on Haya phonology, syntax, and discourse, and an extended word list. [1977; 213 pages]

No. 7. Aghem Grammatical Structure (Grassfields Bantu, Cameroon). Edited by Larry M. Hyman with sections by L. Hyman, S.C. Anderson, and J. Watters. Texts and word lists. [1979; 220 pages]

No. 8. Noun Classes In The Grassfields Bantu Borderland (Nigeria & Cameroon). Edited by Larry M. Hyman with iO contributions on the noun classes of Grassfields Bantu and its relatives. (1980; 210 pages]

No. 9. Noni Grammatical Structure (Bantoid, Cameroon). By Larry M. Hyman. The first detailed description of this language and language group, with sections on phonology, morphology, and syntax, and an extended word list. [1981; 121 pages] 

No. 10. Studies In Syntax. Edited by Gary Gilligan, Mohammad Mohammad, and Ian Roberts. [1985; 186 pages] (OUT OF PRINT: Manuscript copy only)

No. 11. Social And Cognitive Perspectives On Language. Edited by Jeff Connor-Linton, Christopher J. Hall, and Mary McGinnis. [1986; 250 pages] (OUT OF PRINT: Manuscript copy only)

USC Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 1

Editorial Board
F. Nihan Ketrez, Justin M. Aronoff, Monica Cabrera, Asli Ciger, Shadi Ganjavi, Milena Petrova, Isabelle Roy


Review Board
Elaine S. Andersen, Dani Byrd, Edward Finegan, Gail Gottfried, James Higginbotham, Abigail Kaun, Utpal Lahiri, Y. Ingrid Leung, Y. Audrey Li, Karine Megerdoomian, Toby Mintz, Elliott Moreton, Barry Schein, Rachel Walker, Maria Luisa Zubizarreta


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Phonology / Morphology




Volume 2

Editorial Board
Omar Beas and Lindsey Chen


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Volume 4

Editorial Board
Michael A. Shepherd


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