S-Side Story at USC

S-Side Story is a group that discusses the exciting developments in syntactic research and its interfaces. Since June 2021, S-Side Story has taken over the former Syntax+. Given the increasing amount interest and work in semantics and the interface with morphology, but also psycholinguistics, the plus sign was too underspecified to capture everything. The new name aims to represent the multifaceted research interests of the group while still maintining syntax at its core. 

We hold regular meetings for students and faculty members to present their research projects and get feedback. Occassionally, we have special talks given by invited speakers.

Check our schedule for the new semester here.

All are welcome to attend the meetings. Like the last two semesters, we are still on Zoom! So if you want to join in please do not hesitate to send us an email. 

All topics which are of relevance to syntax, semantics, and their interfaces are welcome. If you want to schedule a presentation at S-Side Story or want to be added to the mailing list, please contact the student organizers.


Student organizers:
Adam Woodnutt: woodnutt@usc.edu
Elango Kumaran: ekumaran@usc.edu
Faculty Advisor:
Roumyana Pancheva: pancheva@usc.edu

(Presenters: Maria Luisa Zubizarreta and Roumyana Pancheva | September 11, 2017)