S-Side Story is a group that discusses the exciting developments in syntactic research and its interfaces. Since June 2021, S-Side Story has taken over the former Syntax+. Given the increasing amount of interest and work in semantics and the interface with morphology, but also psycholinguistics, the plus sign was too underspecified to capture everything. The new name aims to represent the multifaceted research interests of the group while still maintining syntax at its core.

We hold regular meetings for students and faculty members to present their research projects and get feedback. Occassionally, we have special talks given by invited speakers.

All topics which are of relevance to syntax, semantics, and their interfaces are welcome. If you want to schedule a presentation at S-Side Story or want to be added to the mailing list, please contact Nelli Marutyan (nmarutya@usc.edu) or Yaqing Hu (yaqinghu@usc.edu).

Check out the schedule for Spring 2024 Presentations:

January 17th, Wednesday
Presenter: Andrew Simpson
Topic: An Argument for Non-Agree-Driven Movement

February 7th, Wednesday
Presenter: Zahra Mirrazi
Topic: Embedded Tenses & Strength of Counterfactuality

March 6th, Wednesday
Presenter: Mete Oguz
Topic: Non-Local Binding Allows Agreement: Nominalized Clauses and Complex Nominal Elements in Turkish

April 3rd, Wednesday
Presenter: Deniz Rudin
Topic: Deriving Question Bias from Clause Typing, Context Update, and Pragmatics

April 17th, Wednesday
Presenter: Daniel Altshuler
Topic: Clause-Internal Causal Inferences: Evidence from Adjectives and Nouns

April 24th, Wednesday
Presenter: Alexis Wellwood
Title: Graded Plurals and Indeterminacy