Madhumanti Datta – Subject and Adjunct Island Effects Through the Lens of Selective Opacity in Bangla Subjects and Adjuncts

Jun Lyu – Syntactic and Non-Syntactic Factors in Reflexive Pronoun Resolution in Mandarin Chinese

Jina Song – Dynamics of Multiple Pronoun Resolution


Reed Blaylock – Beatboxing Phonology

Bhamati Dash – Silence in Answers: A Study of Ellipsis in Hindi

Betul Erbasi – Perspective in Turkish Complementation

Sarah Lee – Processing the Dynamicity of Events in Language

Tommy Lee – Towards the Unity of Movement: Implications from Verb Movement in Cantonese

Mairym Llorens Monteserin – The Phonetics of Co-Speech Vocal Tic Production in Tourette Syndrome

Daniel Plesniak – Towards A Correlational Law of Language: Three Factors Constraining Judgement Variation

Jesse Storbeck – Discourse-Level Processing of Nominal Possessive Constructions

Yifan Yang – Generalized Surface Correspondence in Reduplicative Opacity



Ana Besserman – When Things Are Left Unsaid: Existential and Anaphoric Implicit Objects in Discourse

Sarah Harper – Individual Differences in Phonetic Variability and Phonological Representation

Miran Oh – Articulatory Dynamics in Multi-Gesture Complexes

Charlie O’Hara – Soft Biases in Phonology: Learnability Meets Grammar


Andrés Benitez Pozo – Effects of Language Familiarity on Talker Discrimination from Syllables

Hayeun Jang – Articulatory Knowledge in Phonological Computation

Tanner Sorensen – Dynamics of Speech Tasks and Articulator Synergies


Maury Courtland – The Role of Individual Variability in Tests of Functional Hearing

Binh Ngo – Vietnamese Pronouns in Discourse


Samantha Gordon Danner – Effects of Speech Context on Characteristics of Manual Gesture

Monica Lynn Do – How to Think Before You Speak: Getting from Abstract Thoughts to Sentences

Alfredo Garcia Pardo – The Morphosyntax of States: Deriving Aspect and Event Roles from Argument Structure

Yoonjeong Lee – The Prosodic Substrate of Consonant and Tone Dynamics

Caitlin Michele Smith – Harmony in Gestural Phonology


Priyanka Biswas – Nominal Architecture of South Asian Classifier Languages

Peter Ara Guekguezian – Prosodic Recursion and Syntactic Cyclicity Inside the Word

Fang-Ying Hsieh – Gesture Coordination Relation in Dipthongs

Chorong Kang – Copy Theory of Movement and PF Conditions on Spell-out

Ulrike Steindl –  Dissertation: The Grammar of Correction

Saurov Syed – The Structure of Noun Phrases in Bengal: What it tells us about phrases and universality and acquisition of DPs


Arunima Choudhury – Interaction between Prosody and Information Structure: Experimental evidence from Hindi and Bangla

Emily Fedele – Discourse Level Processing and Pronoun Interpretation

Brian Hsu – Syntax Prosody Interactions in the Clausal Domain

Mythili Menon – Building Adjectival Meaning without Adjectives

Ellen Wong O’Connor – Comparative Illusions at the Syntax-Semantics Interface

Iris Chuoying Ouyang – Prosody and Informativity: A Cross-Linguistic Investigation


Christina Hagedorn – Speech Production in Post-Glossectomy Speakers: Articulatory Preservation and Compensation

Canan Ipek – The Phonology and Phonetics of Turkish Intonation

Lucy Kyungsook Kim – Exploring the Effects of Subject Case Marking and Action Verbs’ Repetition Frequencies on the Discourse and the Memory Representations of Entities and Events: Experimental Studies in Korean

Barbara Tomaszewicz – Superlative Ambiguities: A Comparative Perspective


Xiao He – What ‘You’ and ‘I’ can say about Reference Resolution and Non-structural Constraints

David Li – Investigating the Production and Perception of Reduced Speech: A Cross-Linguistic Look at Articulatory Coproduction and Compensation for Coarticulation

Sarah Ouwayda – Where Number Lies: Plural Marking, Numerals, and the Collective-Distributive Distinction

Benjamin Parrell – Dynamics of Consonant Reduction

Daylen Riggs – Sound Sequence Adaptation in Loanword Phonology

Hector Velasquez – A Reduplicative Analysis of Sentence Modal Adverbs in Spanish


Yi-Hsien Liu – A Unified Syntactic Account of Mandarin Subject Nominals

Katy McKinney-Bock – Building Phrase Structure from Items and Contexts

Mary Byram Washburn – Narrowing the Focus: Experimental Studies on Exhaustivity and Contrast


Janet K. AndersonReduplication and Distributivity in Kannada

Yu-Chi Huang – Flexibility in Language Production

Heeju Hwang – Investigating Coordination of Lexical and Structural  Information Cross-Linguistically

Emi Mukai – Binding and Scope Dependencies with ‘Floating Quantifiers’ in Japanese

Michael Rushforth – Asymmetrical Discourse in a Computer-Mediated Environment

Laura Tejada – Tone Gestures and Constraint Interaction in Sierra Juárez Zapotec

Erika Varis – The Spanish Feminine el at the Syntax-Phonology Interface

Aaron Walker – Existential Constructions: A Syntactic Predication Approach

Bin Yin – Investigating Chinese Speakers’ Acquisition of Telicity in English


Hyuna Byun – Reference Time in the Dynamics of Temporal Dependency in Korean

Edward Holsinger – Cutting the Mustard: An Experimental Investigation of Idiomatic Expressions in the Lexicon

Roger Wei-Wen Liao – The Symmetry of Syntactic Relations

Antonella Vecchiatto – Events in the Grammar of Direct and Indirect Causation


Alvaro Cerrón-Palomino – Adding and Subtracting Alternation: Resumption and Prepositional Phrase Chopping in Spanish Relative Clauses

Agnieszka Lazorczyk – Decomposing Slavic Aspect: the Role of Aspectual Morphology in Polish and other Slavic Languages

Dong-Sik Lim – Syntax and Semantics of Korean Evidentiality

Emily Nava – Connecting Phrasal and Rhythmic Events: Evidence from Second Language Speech

Michael Shepherd – A Discourse Analysis of Teacher-Student Classroom Interactions

Erin Tavano – The Balance of Scalar Implicature

Michal Temkin Martinez – Sources of Non-conformity in Phonology: Variation and Exceptionality in Modern Hebrew Spirantization


Fuyun Wu – Factors Affecting Relative Clause Processing in Mandarin: Corpus and Behavioral Evidence


Lindsey Chen – On Mass, Collectives and Pseudopartitives

Candice Chi-Hang Cheung – The Syntax of Wh-fronting in Chinese

Roberto Mayoral Hernandez – On the Unaccusative Hypothesis and the Locative Alternation in Spanish

Soyoung Park – Functional Categories: The Syntax of DP and DegP


Asier Alcazar – A Minimal Analysis of Participial Constructions: Towards a Phase Account of Non-finite Structures

Omar Beas – Agreement on the Left Edge: The Syntax of Left Dislocation in Spanish

Judit Rebeka Campos Astorkiza – Minimal Contrast and the Phonetics-Phonology Interaction

Teruhiko Fukaya – Slucing and Stripping in Japanese and Some Implications

Shadi Ganjavi – Direct Objects in Persian

Jelena Krivokapic – The Planning, Production, and Perception of Prosodic Structure

Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung – Syntactic Derivation and the Theory of Matching Contextual Features

Karine Marblestone – Semantic and Syntactic Effects on Double prepositional Phrase Ordering Across the Lifespan

Hong-Keun Park – Against Optionality in Derivation and Interpretation: Evidence from Scrambling

Ana Sanchez Munoz – Register and Style Variation  in Speakers of Spanish as a Heritage and as a Second Language


Guanjun Bella Feng – Morpheme Recognition in Prosodic Morphology

Christian Iscrulescu – The Phonological Dimension of Grammatical Markedness

Simona Montanari – Language Differentiation in Early Trilingual Development: Evidence from a Case Study

Eunjeong Oh – Second Language Acquisition of English Double Object Constructions by Korean Speakers

Isabelle Roy – Non-verbal Predications: A syntactic Analysis of Predicational Copular Sentences


Monica Cabrera – The Acquisition of Causative Structure in English and Spanish as Second Languages

Fatma Nihan Ketrez – Children’s Scope of Indefinite Objects

Florence Van der Houwen – Negotiating Disputes and Achieving Judgments on ‘Judge Judy’


Uffe Bergeton – The Independence of Binding and Intensification

J.R. Hayashishita – Syntactic and Non-Syntactic Scope

Miae Lee – Syntactically-Triggered VP Information Focus

Mina Lee – Overt Focus Movement and Minimal Informational Marking

Aaron Sonnenschein – A Descriptive Grammar of San Bartolome Zoogocho Zapotec


Carolina Gonzalez – The Effect of Prosodic Structure in Consonantal Processes

Chin-Man Kuo – The Fine Structure of Negative Polarity Items in Chinese

Christopher Long – The Effect of Non-native Speaker Status on the Use of Linguistic Accommodation by Native Speakers of Japanese: Implications for Communication Accommodation Theory


Gontzal Aldai – The Grammaticalization of Present and Past in Basque

Young Sik Choi – Asymmetry of Scope Taking in Wh-questions

Lina Choueiri – Issues in the Syntax of Resumption: Restrictive Relatives in Lebanese Arabic

Suzanne Curtin – Representational Richness in Phonological Development

Grace Hui-Ju Li – Ellipsis Constructions in Chinese

Karine Megerdoomian – Beyond Words and Phrases: A Unified Theory of Predicate Composition


Miao-ling Hsieh – Form and Meaning: Negation and Question in Chinese

Magdalena Romera-Ciria – Discourse Functional Units: A Re-examination of Discourse Markers with Particular Reference to Spanish


Estibaliz Amorrortu – Linguistic Attitudes in the Basque Country: the Social Acceptance of a New Variety

Anthony Greblick – The Modal Preterite Phenomenon (MPP) in Colloquial American English: A Diachronic and Synchronic Analysis

Marc Joanisse – Connectionist Phonology

Jolanta Maceviciute – The Beginnings of Language Loss: A Discourse Study of American Lithuanian

Marcello Modesto – On the Identification of Null Arguments

Xiu-Zhi Wu – Grammatication and the Development of Functional Categories in Chinese


Maquela Brizuela – Definiteness Types in Spanish: A study of Natural Discourse

Laura Gonnerman – An Alternative Account of Derivational Morphology: Exploring the Semantics-Phonology Interface

Roland Hinterholzl – Restructuring Infinitives and the Theory of Complementation

Charlotte Reinholtz – Verb Second, Mood and Operator Licensing

Suchitra Sudanandan – Malaysian Phonology: An Optimality Theoretic Approach


Lori Altmann – Effects of Working Memory and Semantic Impairment Speech in Alzheimer’s Disease

Hiroshi Aoyagi – On the Nature of Particles in Japanese and Its Theoretical Implications

Fredric Field – Borrowing and Borrowability

Lynn Stallings – Evaluating Heaviness: Relative Weight in the Spoken Production of Heavy-NP Shift

Ayumi Ueyama – Two Types of Dependency


Jose Camacho – The Syntax of NP Coordination

Sylvia Shengyun Chen – Intra-lexical Noun-verb Dissociations: Evidence from Chinese Aphasia

Gorka Elordieta – Morphosyntactic Feature Chains and Phonological Domains

Elena Herburger – In the Event of Focus

Laila Lalami – Frequency in Sentence Comprehension

Sechang Lee – Correspondence and Faithfulness Constraints in Optimality Theory: A Study of Korean Consonantal Phonology

Yuki Matsuda – Representation of Focus and Presupposition in Japanese

Hiroyuki Oshita – The Unaccusative Trap: Acquisition of Instransitive Verbs in L2 English

Charles Paus – A Comparison of the Sociolinguistic Conditioning of Phonetic Reduction in Moscow Russian and Northwestern Mexican Spanish


Nancy Antrim – On the Status of Possessives

Alfredo Arnaiz – N-words and wh-in-situ: Nature and Interactions

Robert Belvin – Inside Events: The Non-possessive Meanings of Possession Predicates and the Semantics Conceptualization of Events

Daeho Chung – On the Representation and Licensing of Q and Q-Dependents

Matthew Busby Hunt – The Sociolinguistics of Tagging and Chicano Gang Graffiti

Liliana Sánchez – Syntactic Structures in Nominals: A comparative Analysis of Spanish and Southern Quechua

Ellen Touchstone – Language Services Planning in the Banking Industry: An Example of Unplanned Language Policy


Valentina Apresjan – Emotions: Linguistics Representation and Cultural Conceptualization

Kyungan Kim – Causativity in Korean: Syntactic Causative, Control and Purpose

Shu-Ing Shyu – The Syntax of Focus and Topic in Mandarin Chinese

Carolyn E. Taylor – Child as Apprentice-Narrator: Socializing Voice, Face, Identity, and Self-Esteem Amid the Narrative Politics of Family Dinner

Shin Watanabe – Aspects of Questions in Japanese and Their Theoretical Implications

Donald Weasenforth – Rhetorical Abstraction as a Facet of Expected Response: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis

Madeleine Noel Youmans – Communicative Rights and Responsibilities in an East Lost Angeles Barrio: An Analysis of Epistemic Modal Use

Ke Zou – The Syntax of the Chinese BA-Constructions and Verb Compounds: A Morpho-Syntactic Analysis


Dong-In Cho – A Comparative Study of Focus Constructions

Ann Daubney-Davis – Structure, Convention, and Persona: The Writing of Urban Hispanic and Black Middle School Students

Ferdinand de Haan – The Interaction of Modality and Negation: A Typological Study

Heather Goad – On the Configuration of Height Features

Helena Halmari – A Government Approach to Finnish-English Intrasentential Code-Switching

Wesley Hudson – Pragmatic Constraints on Binding into Noun Phrases

Marcus Maia – The Comprehension of Object Anaphora in Brazilian Portuguese

Vaidehi Ramanathan-Abbot – Wellformedness in Alzheimer Narratives: An Interactional and Schematic Understanding

Patricia Schneider-Zioga – The Syntax of Clitic Doubing in Modern Greek

Jeff Small – On-line Sentence Comprehension in Alzheimer’s Disease


Dwight Atkinson – A Historical Discourse Analysis of Scientific Research Writing from 1675 to 1975: The Case of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London

Paul Bruthiaux – Linguistic Simplicity and the Language of Classified Ads

Kauro Horie – A Cross-Linguistic Study of Perception and Cognition Verb Compliments: A Cognitive Perspective

Peter Petrucci – Slavic Features in the History of Romania

Dina Rudolph – Getting Past Politeness: The Role of Linguistic Markers of Eventuality and Informational Domains in Japanese

Kevin Russell – A Constraint-based Approach to Phonology and Morphology


Elabbas Benmamoun – Inflectional and Functional Morphology: Problems of Projecction, Representation and Derivation

Edmond Biloa – The Syntax of Operator Constructions in Tuki

Hefedh Halila – Subject Specificity Effects in Tunisian Arabic

Mohmed Hared – Modernization and Standardization in Sumali Press Writing

Dami Lee – Universal Grammar. Learnability, and the Acquisition of L2 English Reflexive Binding by L1 Korean Speakers

Dingxu Shi – The Nature of Topic Comment Constructions and Topic Chai

Noriko Yoshimura – Scrambling and Anaphora in Japanese


Martha Sherwood Bean – Getting heard: Perseveration in the Speech of a Young Latino Learner

Mary Patricia Boyle – Variation in Levels of Language: a Study of Politeness in Japanese

Nigel Gordon Duffield – Particles and Projections

Dana Rider Ferris – Syntactic and Lexical Characteristics of ESL Student Writing: A Multidimensional Study

John Scott Hedgcock – Foreign Language Retention and Attrition: A Study of Maintenance Patterns Among Adult Learners of Spanish

Ndinzi Nyembo Masagara – Oath-Taking in Kirundi: The Impact of Religion on Language Change

Franz Muller-Gotama – A Typology of the Syntax-Semantics Interface

Ghislaine Genevieve Pattney – The Language of Problem Solving in a Computer Lab



Fusa Katada – The Representation  of Anaphoric Relations in Logical Form

Yong-Jin Kim – Register Variation in Korean: A Corpus-Based Study

Stephen James Matthews – A Cognitive Approach to the Typology of Verbal Aspect

Ngessimo Mathe Mutaka – The Lexical Tonology of Kindande

Michael Trevor Shanklin – The Grammar of Negation in Middle English

Jinhee Suh – Scope Phenomena and Aspects of Korean Syntax


Mohammad Abdel-Latif – The Sentential Structure of Arabic

Jeffrey Taylor Connor-Linton – Crosstalk: A multi-feature analysis of Soviet-American Spacebridges

Won-Pyo Lee – Referential Choice in Korean Discourse: Cognitive and Social Perspective

Deborah Pool

Virginia Choy-Yin Yip – Aspects of Chinese/English Interlanguage: Syntax, Semantics and Learnability


Marc Pierre Authier – The Syntax of Unselective Binding

Haruko Minegishi Cook – Sentential Particles in Japanese Conversation: A Study of Indexicality

Ljiljana Progovac Gotstajn – A Binding Approach to Polarity Sensitivity

Ann Lorie Heggie – The Synta of Copular Structure

Jose Ignacio Hualde – A Lexical Phonology of Basque

Liliana Landolfi – Explanation as a Joint Activity: Co-Constructing Knowledge in Second-Language Classrooms

Deborah Susan Schlindwein – The Phonological Geometry of Morpheme Concatenation

William Howard White – Vocabulary Acquisition from Reading and the ESL Learner


Heather Joan Bowe – Categories, Constituents and Constituent Order in Pitjantjatjara

Akiko Kumahira Comrie – On So-Called Quantifier Floating in Japanese

Gary Martin Gilligan – A Cross-Linguistic Approach to the Pro-Drop Parameter

Christopher John Hall – Language Structure and Explanation: A Case From Morphology

Joyce Patricia McDowell – Assertion and Modality

Makoto Nishikawa – Japanese Lexical Phonology and Morphology

Bonnie Dale Schwartz – The Modular Basis of Second Language Acquisition


Jong-Mi Kim – Phonology and Syntax of Korean Morphology

Nicolas Guy Besnier – Spoken & Written Registers in a Restricted-Literacy Setting


William Gregory Eggington – Towards a Language Plan for the Southern California Area: The Hacienda-La Puente Survey

Kathleen Frances Flynn – The Acquisition of Form and Function in L2: An Analysis of the Use of the Perfect in the Written Discourse of Adult Second Language Learners

Harriet Lynne Jisa – Sentence Connectors in the Speech of French Preschoolers

Alan Hyun-Oak Kim – The Grammar of Focus in Korean Syntax and its Typological Implications

Audrey Yen-Hu Li – Abstract Case in Chinese

Keiji Matsumoto – A Study of Tense and Aspect in Japanese

Joyce Neu 

Ian Gareth Roberts – The Representation of Dethematized and Implicit Subjects

Pachongkarn Towtong – Syntactic Areal Classification of Southeast Asian Languages


Roann Altman – Assessing Model Proficiency in English as a Second Language

Douglas Edward Biber – A Model of Textual Relations Within the Written and Spoken Modes

Sylvia Martina Bock – Fronting in Caribbean Creoles

William Peter Grabe – Towards Defining Expository Prose Within A Theory of Text Construction

Noel Ross Houck – The Pragmatics of Tag Questions: A Model for Epistemic Speaker-Hearer Acts

Robin Cameron Scarcella – Cohesion in the Writing Development of Native and Non-native English Speakers

Linda Louise Thornburg – Syntactic Reanalysis in Early English


Stephen Craig Anderson – Tone & Morpheme Rules in Bamileke-Ngyemboon

Peter Ambler Shaw – The Language of Engineering Professors: A Discourse and Registral Analysis of a Speech Event

Maner Lawton Thorpe – Ry­­ūkyūan Language History


Robert Jr. Baumgardner – Sociolinguistic Aspects of Persian Pronouns of Address: A Macro/Micro Analysis

Anne Dunlea – The Role of Visual Information in the Emergence of Meaning: A Comparison of Blind and Sighted Children

Heather Kristine Holmback – The Interpretation of Definite and Indefinite Descriptions

Barbara Kroll – Levels of Eroor in ESL Composition

Jack Forrest Robertson – Bangkok Thai Towes


Alessandro Duranti – The Fono: A Samoan Speech Event

Paul Robert Frommer – Post-Verbal Phenomena in Colloquial Persian Syntax

Charles Randriamasimanana – A Study of the Causative Constructions of Malagasy


John Kwok-Ping Tse – Language Planning and English as a Foreign Language in Middle School Education in the Republic of China


Hasan Abdul-Ghani – Perceived Attitudes and Second Language Learning

John Yien-Yao Hou – Grammatical Relations in Chinese

Ikuhiro Tamori – A Study of Japanese Adverbs


Christina Abdul-Ghani – Accent in Discourse: An Analysis of Function

Tina Lynne Bennett – A Developmental Pragmatic & Psycholinguistic Investigation of Repetition in the Speech of Genre

Maurice Tadadjeu – A Model for Functional Trilingual Education Planning in Africa

Masakazu Watanabe – An Examination of Topic in Japanese


Marvin Richard Coates – An Investigation of the Effect of Computer Assisted Instruction on Foreign Speakers’ Learning of English Complement Structures

Taro Kageyama – Lexical Structures: A Comparative Study of Japanese and English

Donald Leslie Pederson – Grammatical Structures of Guarani

Feng-Fu Tsao – A Functional Study of Topic in Chinese: The First Step Toward Discourse Analysis


Barbara Gillian Michell – A Pragmatic Analysis of Sentence Adverbs: A Study with Particular Reference to Obviously

Richard Walter Suter – An Experimental Investigation of Selected Predictor Variables and Their Relationship to Pronunciation Accuracy in Non native English Speech



Robert Martin Hertz – The Grammar of English Causative Transitivity

Lawrence Alfred Johnson – A Sociolinguistics Study of Selected Vowel Changes in Los Angeles English

Kong-On Kim – Temporal Structural of Spoken Korean: An Acoustic Phonetic Study


Philip Harold Cook – Theme, Rheme, and Focus as Grammatical Universals

Terrence Michael Flynn – Language in Context: Toward the Psychologically Real Grammar

Michio Mark Hojo – Intonation of Single-Word Utterances in Japanese: An  Acoustic Phonetic Study

Stephen Bradford Ross – A Syntactic Analysis of the Written Language of Selected Black Elementary School Children with Reference to Sociological Variables

Muriel Ripley Schulz – A Case Grammar of the Parker Manuscript of the Anglo- Saxon Chronicle from 734 to 891


Kevin George Burne – A Syntactic Analysis of the Writing of Some 4th, 5th, 6th Grade Caucasian Children in the LA City Schools

George William Raney – The Accidence and Syntax in John Wallis’ 1653 Grammatica Linguae Anglicanae: A Translation and a Commentary on its Alleged Relationship to the 1660 Port-royal Grammaire Générale et Raisonnée


Robert Edward Barela – A Descriptive Sytax of King Alfred’s Soliloquies

George Joseph O’Neill – NNE Grammatical Items in the Speech of Negro Elementary School Children as Correlates of Age, Grade, and Social Status


Raymond Stanley Weitzman – Japanese Accent: An Analysis Based on Acoustic-Phonetic Data


Francis Xavier Karam – An Investigation of Some Critical Factors in Language Synthesis and the Implications of These Factors for Linguists as Language Engineers

Mary Elizabeth Lee – Justus Goerg Schottel and Linguistic Theory

George John Simeon – The Phonetics and Morphology of Hokkaido Ainu




Reine Cardaillac Kelly – A Descriptive Analysis of the Gascon Dialect Spoken at Donzec (Tarn-et-Garonne), France