Welcome to the USC Language Development Lab!

The journey of a child’s first words to fluent conversations is nothing short of magical. This incredible transformation, from babbling babies to chatty toddlers, has captivated the minds of psychologists and linguists for decades. While we’ve made significant strides in unraveling the mysteries of language acquisition, there’s still so much more to discover.

At the University of Southern California’s Language Development Lab, our mission is to delve deeper into understanding how children effortlessly grasp the complexities of their native language. On this website, you can find information on our projects and the people behind them.

Join Our Studies! For parents residing in the Los Angeles area, we offer both in-person and online research opportunities for children under four years old. And if you’re based anywhere in the world and keen to contribute to our understanding of language development, we have online studies you can participate in. Dive into the Participate section to learn more about how you and your child can be a part of our exciting research journey.

Director, USC Language Development Lab

Prof. Toben H. Mintz

University of Southern California

Department of Psychology