In addition to funding for research travel offered through the Graduate School and CSLC, the Department of French and Italian runs a joint exchange program with Université Gustave Eiffel (formerly Université de Paris-Est – Marne la Vallée). Successful applicants will be required to attend approximately 24 hours of 1) courses at the university and/or 2) LISAA (LINK BROKEN: laboratoire de recherche Littératures, Savoirs et Arts) research activities (conferences, talks, etc.) per semester. Students can elect to undertake the exchange for one or two semesters. Please note that in order to be nominated for the exchange, 1) you need to have completed required coursework, the first-year paper, and the field exam by the time the exchange begins; 2) you must be in good standing in the department; and 3) you will need to be on fellowship for the duration of the exchange. Priority will be given to students from the French and Francophone Studies track, then to CSLC students from other tracks, and then to students from other programs working with French faculty.

For more information about the exchange, please contact the current Director of Graduate Studies for the French and Francophone Studies track.