The B.A. in Italian with Honors is available to students who have an overall G.P.A. of 3.0 and a G.P.A. of at least 3.5 in courses counted for Italian major credit.

To fulfill the requirements of the Honors Program, students must complete:
1) three (3) 400-level courses
2) write an Honors Thesis of 25-30 pages (6,250-7,500 words), in Italian, in conjunction with a 400-level course on a subject agreed upon with the course instructor.

The thesis is different from a regular course paper, primarily in that it is expected to go through several drafts. Students will have up to two semesters to complete the thesis.

The Honors Thesis will be read by the course instructor and by Dr. Gian Maria Annovi, director of the Honors Program in Italian. For further information, please contact Professor Annovi (THH155A) at or email him via the link below labelled ‘Information Request for the BA in Italian with Honors.’

These requirements are excerpted from the USC Catalogue. The USC Catalogue is the document of authority for all students. The program requirements listed in the USC Catalogue supersede any information which may be contained in any bulletin of any school or department. The university reserves the right to change its policies, rules, regulations, requirements for graduation, course offerings and any other contents of this catalogue at any time. Do access the USC Catalogue via the link labelled ‘USC Catalogue.’

For more information and specific degree requirements, please contact Isaura Peña, the department advisor, by email at or by telephone at 213-821-4316; her office is at Kaprelian Hall (KAP) 357; you may also email her via the link below labelled ‘Information Request on Italian or French BA Major or Minor Requirements.’

For further information on Undergraduate Studies in French and Italian, For further information on Undergraduate Studies in French and Italian, please contact the director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Julie Van Dam via the link below labelled ‘Information request Undergraduate French and Italian Studies.’