Request IT services early to get your new hires up and running from day one.

Some services should be requested before a new hire’s start date, while others can only be requested once employment at Dornsife begins.

Step 1: Request IT equipment

Request several weeks before the start date

You do not need the new hire’s USC NetID to request IT equipment.

If you are ordering new equipment, timelines depend on whether the items you request are currently in stock. Once DTS receives all of your ordered items from the vendor, it takes approximately one week (five business days) to inventory and configure the items. From that point, shipping/delivery times depend on the destination.

  • Per the Dornsife IT procurement policy, all IT purchasing requests must be submitted through the DTS service catalog:

    Select the Custom Computer option if the standard models in the catalog do not meet your needs.

  • If you are reassigning an existing computer, route it to DTS using the link below. We will assess and re-image the computer to optimize its performance so the new hire can get up and running quickly.

    Generally speaking, we recommend that computers be no more than 3–5 years old.

  • Use this link to order items such as monitors, printers, and external storage devices.

    Select the Other Hardware or Accessories option if the standard models in the catalog do not meet your needs.

Step 2: Request a Dornsife Account

Request several days before the start date

A Dornsife Account is required for login to Dornsife computers and access to Dornsife network printers and network drives:

Please have the following information ready:

  • The new hire’s 10-digit USC ID number
  • The new hire’s USC NetID
  • The names of departmental shared drive folders or printers that you want the new hire to have access to

Hiring managers can find their new hire’s USC NetID listed in Workday. Senior administrators may need to check with the hiring manager for this information.

Step 3: Request additional services

Request on or after the start date

Once the new hire has begun employment at Dornsife, the following services can be requested:

  • New hires automatically receive access to myDornsife within their first week. No action is required on your part.

  • If you did not previously request access to departmental network printers and drives when requesting a new Dornsife Account for the new hire, you can do so here:

  • If your department uses a shared org account in Outlook, you can request delegate access for your new hire:

    If the new hire is responsible for assisting with an individual person’s account (rather than a shared org account), the individual will need to follow our guide to grant access:

  • If your department uses the Dornsife Slack or Dornsife Administration Slack workspace, you can request access for the new hire:

    Once the new hire is a member of Dornsife Slack or Dornsife Administration Slack, you can manually add them as a member to any private departmental channels.

    Other USC Slack workspaces are not administered by DTS: contact the workspace administrator directly to request access.

  • Standard software such as Microsoft Office, SentinelOne, and Zoom are already installed on Dornsife computers. You can also purchase or request additional software such as Adobe or Camtasia through DTS:

    For more information about software availability within Dornsife and at USC generally:

  • If your new hire’s responsibilities include updating your department or center’s website pages, request website access:

  • Once the new hire has successfully signed into USC Zoom for the first time, they can request a Zoom phone number  or you can submit the request on their behalf:

    Be sure to specify whether the new hire will need access to any shared lines or call queues.

    Requesting a new number is required because new hires do not inherit the phone number of their predecessors. If your new hire is a transfer from another USC unit, however, they will keep their existing Zoom Phone number.

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