February 2024 updates: Google and Microsoft storage, mail lists, and Zoom Rooms

February 2024 updates:

  • Google and Microsoft storage limits are changing to 100 GB for Google Drive and 250 GB for Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Mail lists will migrate from Sympa to Listserv this spring, and ITS will be providing further guidance.

  • Let us know if your department has an instructional space or shared room resource that you’d like to upgrade to a Zoom Room space.

Changes to Google and Microsoft storage limits

Storage limit changes announced by ITS
ITS website announcing Google and Microsoft storage limit changes

Who is affected: All USC faculty, staff, and students

Due to new storage restrictions by Google and Microsoft, cloud storage limits for USC accounts are changing. The updated storage limits are:

  • Google Drive: 100 GB for individual USC accounts
  • Microsoft OneDrive: 250 GB for individual USC accounts; 100 GB for iVIP and shared org accounts

Additionally, the ability to create new Google shared Drives or Microsoft SharePoint sites has been removed. To request a SharePoint site, please use the service catalog.



Mail lists are migrating, and mail list email addresses will change

Listserv website
New Listserv website for mail lists

Who is affected: Any USC faculty or staff who is listed as an owner of a USC mail list; any USC faculty or staff who has send access to a USC mail list

This spring, ITS is launching Listserv, a more secure replacement for Sympa mail lists at USC. If you currently use Sympa mail lists to distribute email announcements, be aware that:

  • Mail list email addresses will be changing from list-name@mymaillists.usc.edu and list-name@usc.edu to list-name@maillist.usc.edu. To avoid a delivery failure when emailing a mail list, please obtain the new email address from the list owner. You can email ts@dornsife.usc.edu if you are unsure who the list owner is.
  • List owners will receive an email from ITS in the coming weeks. This email will ask owners to select a date to migrate from Sympa to Listserv, and includes training and resources. If you are a list owner, please inform any list users with send access about the upcoming migration and email address change.
  • Beginning Feb 14, you can no longer create new mail lists in Sympa. Instead, request a new Listserv mail list through ITS.

If you do not use Sympa mail lists or you use Emma for newsletter distribution, you are not affected by this migration and do not need to take any action.

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Zoom Room upgrades

Zoom Rooms upgraded in 2023
Examples of Zoom Rooms upgraded in 2023

Does your department or unit have an instructional space or other shared room which is using older technology for screensharing and videoconferencing?

As we bring the upgrade phase of the Dornsife Zoom Rooms project to a close, and shift to the maintenance and support phase, we encourage you to reach out to us for any rooms still needing an upgrade. To date, over 180 Dornsife spaces have been converted into Dornsife Zoom Rooms.